Impact Data Book

I know, I know whatever the reason you didn’t enter the Military and follow the dream to be a sniper.  But you do not need to worry about that.  There are plenty of professionals out there to teach civilians.  You can still live the dream, to a certain point. If you go to any of those schools to learn to shoot, they ask for you to bring a dope book.  Sorry, military lingo – a data book to put all the information you need when you shoot.  But you are asking yourself, where do I find one?  Have you heard of impact data books?  If not, then what you need to know is they have every data book you can think of.  Check out what they have to say about there modular book:


Our modular data book is a first of its kind. No company has ever offered shooters the flexibility and options to design and build their own data book. Our goal is to give you the shooter a book that is designed 100% around your individual shooting needs and desires. The days of having a book full of pages that you have no use for are over!

These choices will range from book size, paper type, binder color and of course the actual data collection pages that you will choose to match the targets you shoot at.

When designing your modular data book it will come with our index/reference pages in the front of the book. You the shooter will then choose 8 sets of double sided pages (A set of pages is 10 double sided pages) from the eight drop down menus below. To round out and complete the back of your data book you will find (3) I-RC Round Count Pages, (2) MLS-SRC Range Card Pages, and (2) MLS-SFS12 Sketch Pages .

Our standard modular book measures in at 918” x 612“.

Choice of paper will be standard 80 weight executive stock paper or Rite in the Rain water resistant paper.

Your durable plastic three ring binder will be offered in tan, or black.

Your complete book will have 100 double sided pages that will give you 160 usable data collection pages, 20 pages of reference material, along with 3 round count pages, 3 note pages, 2 sniper range cards and 2 sniper field sketch pages. That is 200 pages in a custom designed book created by you the shooter.

Our Index/Reference pages include the following: Shooters Information page, Weapons Information page, Personal Data Sheet, Multiple Ballistic Charts for common factory ammunition, Range Estimation Formula’s, Basic Size Reference page, Yards to Meters Conversion page, Common Conversion Formula’s page, Ballistic Come Up Sheet, NATO Phonetic Alphabet Reference page, Wind Observation Methods page, Leads for Moving Targets page, Angle Fire Reference page, MIL Value Adjustment page, Mil Quick Reference page, MOA Adjustment Values page, and Weapons Cleaning page.

Enjoy the video too:


Glad you stopped by.  Until next time……..

Click here for Impact Data Books


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