The Mildot Master part one

The Mildot Master-1What a wonderful Snipers tool to have, “The Mildot Master.”  The Mildot Master is an analog calculator (slide rule) that is primarily designed to rapidly provide range to target by aligning the estimated target size directly opposite the mildot measurement of the target.  But remember!! Nothing can replace the knowledge of making calculations on your own.

To accurately calculate the range of a target you must first accurately estimate the size of a target and to do this you must be able to read the mil dot system. (You need to understand mildot)

Let us look at this example

The distance between the top and bottom of the elk’s chest is estimated to be 24 inches.  Note that in this case 24” measures 2.75 mils.

The Mildot Master-2

So, let’s get your mildot master out now and look at where it shows Target size and Bullet group face you, now to determine the range to the elk, pull out your mildot master and align the 24” mark of the Target Size Scale with the measured number of The Mildot Master-3mils (2.75), and then read the range directly opposite the Target Range index mark.  In this example, the range is determined to be approximately 240 yards.  Can you believe it that was easy right!  Did you know that the mildot master will also convert wind?  Yes, a wind drift estimation into a sight adjustment figure MOA (Minutes Of Angle) or a hold-off figure (Mils) in exactly the same manner as calculating a bullet drop correction.



Mildot Master also has the ability to figure out angle estimation!    All you have to do is to tie a string and weight to the “pivot” hole and sight down the top edge of the calculator.

The Mildot Master-4

Read the angle measured by the string.

Just below the Target Range index mark, there is a series of marks corresponding to finding angles, up to 60 degrees, select the angle measured, and read the “actual horizontal range” directly opposite that figure.  In the example below, a target determined to be 300 yards distant and at an angle of 45 degrees result in an actual horizontal range of 210 yards.

Two be continue with part two later…..   Stay tune!










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