Can your gloves live up to VBSS?

Ambrose-6284Yes VBSS! Non-Visit Board Search & Seizure the way it needs to be.  Read and Share this outstanding review on the Mechanix Wear glove!

Hearing the water of the ocean, slapping on the side of the small boat we are riding in always sounds exciting to me.  Because I know in the next few minutes my whole world will change, either for the better or for the worst.  One thing is for sure, is that we have 2 minutes until contact.  Everyone reaches for every ones gear to double check everything.  Already had my mask on over my head, feeling only the cold wind hitting a small portion of my forehead and eyelids.  Had gloves on which so happen to be Mechanix Wear black 5mm covert.  Which surprisingly keeping my hands warm and thin enough for me to feel the trigger on my weapon.


We can see the ship as we approach on the Starboard side and aft.  We connected the Jacob’s ladder and started to climb.  I know from before, that with the wind blowing off the ocean really makes your finger cold to the bone.  To the point where it is hard to grab a hold of the ladder or whatever.  The Mechanix gloves made it easy for me.  Grabbing the ladder and pulling me up makes life easy!

img_1496-copyClimbing to the top, and jumping aboard ship I was ready for action!  Thanks to Mechanix Gloves, my hands are ready for action.

Have you ever just had a pair of gloves that were like family?  Well that is how it is when you are in the Military.  Gloves is a must and Mechanix is there for us.  As you can see I use them everywhere!  But please do not let me tell you about them.  Read what Mechanix has to say:

The Original® 0.5mm Covert glove features a high-dexterity AX Suede 0.5mm palm and fingers for the perfect blend of precision and protection. A new form-fitting finger design reduces material bunching and improves feel for smooth weapon manipulation and overall control. Breathable TrekDry® material form-fits the back of the hand and helps keep them cool and comfortable when you’re active. Keep your gloves secure to your gear or pack with the nylon cord loop conveniently positioned beneath each wrist.


  1. Form-fitting TrekDry® material helps keep hands cool and comfortable.

  2. Reinforced thumb panel provides added durability.

  3. Reinforced fingertip panels in high wear areas.

  4. AX Suede 0.5mm high-dexterity palm and fingers.

  5. Nylon web-loop provides convenient storage.

  6. Machine washable.


So when you want and need the best!  Turn to Mechanix gloves for your needs!  Swing by and check out what they have for you!  Until next time………….

Click for Mechanix Covert Gloves


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