Do you use Ballistic Breaching

ballistic breaching-3What is “Ballistic breaching?”  Well ballistic breaching is defined as: alternate means of gaining entry into a structure through an existing opening (door, or a window).

During an urban or maritime assault operation, ballistic breaching should never be considered

as the primary method for gaining entry into a structure.  It is not a positive means of initial entry, nor does it supply the element of surprise, speed or the violence of action you will need for the entry.   However it may become necessary to use ballistic breaching as an initial entry method, because of the structure, or you are compromised during your approach to the target and then it becomes necessary to use ballistic breaching to gain entry.  Think about ballistic breaching in the environment you are in, like if you are on a ship? Could the ships integrity handle such a thing or not.  You decide.

If you need the element of surprise to gain entry and you decide to use ballistic breaching have you lost the surprise in subsequent rooms? You have.  But, the goal is not to slow the momentum of the assault force upon entry.  Note: If you choose to go ballistic when you are assaulting, I would not use the shotgun as a primary assault because it has a limited magazine capacity.  It might also be difficult to reload the weapon.  If you do choose to use the shotgun then below you will see the types of rounds you will use in the shotgun when breaching.  Also we will talk about placement of the shotgun along with the areas you would like to attack.


Here is a list of types of rounds would I use:

TB12:              TB12 Breaching round is used to defeat a variety of urban structures to include                             exterior and interior doors. TB12 provides dramatic reduction in collateral                                     damage to non-combatants as well as operators through the use of a frangible                          material that delivers maximum energy to the breach point.

BTI                 Frangible Shotgun Rounds are specifically designed for hinges, doors specs are

2-3/4″, 375 Grain, Slug material: Powdered Steel, Velocity: 1,200 feet per second


Rifle Slugs:    Slugs will defeat most doors that you will run across

Shoc Loc:      This round is designed for ballistic breaching; it contains a ceramic/metal powder                                            slug that destroys itself when it hits a hard object.  It will destroy its target (hinge,                                     bolt and etc.) and will not go into the room.

Lock Buster:  It is almost the same as the shoc loc, but contains a plastic slug filled with metal                            powder.  The round comes in three different variations, each with a different                                 penetration capability.


When you are attacking the door and it becomes necessary to use the shotgun, there are certain areas you would want to target for breaching.  But keep in mind there are also areas that will slow you down like the doorknob; the doorknob itself is never targeted.  If the doorknob is hit with a shotgun round it tends to bend the locking mechanism into the door frame and binds the door in place.

So, one of the areas you would like to target is the locking mechanism; if you target the locking mechanism, your point of attack should be the area immediately between the doorknob and the door frame.  Place the muzzle of the shotgun directly on the face of the door or 1 inch away from the face.  After shooting the lock and the door does not come open, just give it a good swift kick usually will open it.


Next we would attack the hinges: the hinges are usually hidden from view by the door frame.  It is therefore necessary to know where the hinges are located on the doors. When attacking the hinge you should be directly on the surface of the door or 1 inch from the surface and at an angle of 45 degrees and the assault team will have to line on the opposite side of the door.  Remember that hinges are the most positive point of attack, as they ensure a method of removing one side of the attaching points of the door.

As we practice and learn about the methods of ballistic breaching, there is one main thing you want to remember, Safety, Safety, Safety!  Preform a Military ORM!! (Operational Risk Management) Which means you always talk about the safety and hazards you will encounter when doing any exercise.

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