Rift® Family Benchmade

One thing that I think is important to say, is that you need to see this knife in action!  Read below and pick one up.

Starring at my opponent in this knife fight.  I know the only opening I gave him was to attack me on my left side.  But knowing that, it allows me to put the cut where I need it and I am the one who determines how deep the cut is.  I can now see the opponents movements as he steps forward delivering an angle 1.  (Angle 1 is a diagonal cut across the body starting at the top of the left shoulder, downward to the right hip)  I step out to the path of least resistance and not stopping the strike, but allowing it to come across my blade slicing his wrist.  I then moved my leg around his forward leg with all his weight on it.  Striking my knife into his kidney.  I then finished him off by grabbing his shoulder with my left hand and as I pulled him off balance and down to the ground.  I used the knife to strike him in the chest.  Game over!  I then looked around the classroom and told the students that would be all for today.  I helped the one student I took to the ground, up.

Right then, I just got done teaching a Tactical knife fighting class for a 3 letter Federal Agency.  Several of the students in the class came up to me and asked what kind of EDC knife I carry. I pulled on the clip from my right pocket and out of my pocket came a Beanchmade Rift.

I had the cool blue colored frame with the satin-finished blade. I flipped the blade out as if it is was spring-assisted and held it up so everyone could see.   The blade was a Plain Reverse Tanto with a Finish Satin Blade Steel: 154CM (58-61) The Handle Material is Gray and Black textured G10.  I think everyone’s eye was hooked on the handle.  It was a very unique design.  It would catch the eye of anyone.  I explained to everyone around me that I picked this style because I found it to be reliable, comfortable and suited my needs when I knife fight.

I continued to explain, that when you are knife fighting you need something that you can conceal, but it can be ready at any time. It is also small enough so when you are knife fighting, you can use the “passes and roofing out” movements. I cannot express the passion I have for this style of knife.

I have carried this style of knife with me throughout my deployment and everywhere I go. Benchmade does carry different styles of the Rift family, but let us first look at what makes this one so unique.  Here are the specification: see below

This glaringly obvious Warren Osborne design features a reverse tanto tip for toughness, large-bellied blade for utility and textured G10 – handle scales for secure grip. Made in USA.

  • Designer: Osborne
    Mechanism: AXIS®
    – Action: Manual-opening
    – Blade Steel: 154CM (58-61 HRC)
    – Blade Length: 3.67″ (9.32cm)
    – Blade Thickness: 0.114″ (2.90mm)
    – Open Length: 8.27″ (21.01cm)
    – Closed Length: 4.60″ (11.68cm)
    – Handle Thickness: 0.56″ (14.22mm)
    – Weight: 4.80oz. (136.08g)

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