The Assault Backpack – AR500 The Armored to go

ar500_armor_packarmor_bk8AR500 Armor has a new weapon in the fight against Active shooters!  Stand-by for the, “The Armored Go Pack” review.

One of the most common things people think about in today’s society is Active shooters and are we prepared enough to survive.   Now a days whether we are in a movie theater, shopping mall or just eating at the local fast food restaurant we really need to be looking for something out of the ordinary instead of enjoying the time with the family, friends.  So the question I have is are you prepared?  AR500 Armor has come up with one great backpack, the armor to go.  Here is what AR500 is saying about it:

The Armored Go Pack is sized between your typical daily use backpack and 3-day pack making a versatile and capable for a multitude of scenarios. We chose this pack to work in conjunction with our Backpack armor, offering you another solution for staying armored. The Armored Go Pack is the perfect trunk or go-to bag with enough room to carry useful AR500_armor_packarmor_BK1supplies without looking like your setting off for a multi-day adventure. While the molle webbing adds versatility, it doesn’t scream tactical to your surroundings making it great for daily and casual use while staying low profile.

Loaded with pockets and pouches for modern accessories and just enough molle webbing and Velcro allow you to customize and configure your pack the way you need it.

Affordable and effective, the Armored Go Pack (with or without armor insert) has many uses.

Compatible with our Backpack Armor, while retaining the ability to store up to a 15.4″ laptop in the primary or rear compartments. If Backpack Armor is added, the plate is designed to ride in the middle pocket which allows protected storage in the rear most (closest to the body) pocket.


  • Compatible with AR500 Backpack Armor
  • Dual side gadget pockets allow easy storage for tools you need quick access to on either side while wearing the pack
  • Padded mesh backing allows the pack to breath and provides a more comfortable fit
  • Retention straps located over the main compartment allow you to adjust tension preventing unwanted movement and secures lighter loads
  • Hidden side pockets on either side include Velcro strips and are perfect for storing a sidearm, holster or Velcro pouches
  • Adjustable and padded shoulders, sternum, and mid-waist straps
  • Hydration Bladder compatible


  • Volume: 1592 Cubic Inches (26L)
  • Dimensions: 14″ w x 17.5″ h x 6.5″ d
  • Color: Black

What more can I say!  AR500 is where I get my armor from, how about you?  Until next time!!


Click here —–>  AR500 ARMOR


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