Less Lethal, is it really worth all the hype?

Less-leathel                                                                                                                                                                                                  I believe it is.  Less lethal is (as a Law Enforcement Officer) one of the best ways to control people from, hurting themselves and crowd control.  You know about riots!  Like the one that got out of control in Los Angeles when the Rodney King was going on.  Or the Settle summit?  Things can get out of control really fast and the first thing you need to do is, “Control.”  I have found that Combined Systems has everything I need, here is a list of products they have:

Aerosol Defense

  • Irritant & Smoke MunitionsLess-leathal-2
  • Impact Munitions
  • Flash Bangs
  • Sting-Ball Grenades
  • Penn Arms Launchers
  • CTS-Thompson Handcuffs
  • Disposable Restraints
  • Breaching Munitions
  • Breaching Tools
  • Fuzes & Components


Here are a few of my favorite:

ChemAgentGroup     2581-3581-4557_edited-1


Until next time, check out their website!


Combined Systems







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