Thin Blue Line Pattern Holster

Image result for Core Holster in Thin Blue Line PatternAre you a Police Officer? Deputy? Are just someone who gives a dang about how this country was founded on?  Well, when you see this holster, you will turn some heads!  Remember to always share the article.

One day in Oceanside, Ca the beautiful city I live and work in, I was off duty today just driving around doing my errands around town.  I hear a distress call on my mini scanner that my department gave to me.  I hear an Officer down and shots fired.  I am right down the road from where the call came in.  As a SWAT Officer for my department, I felt that it was my duty to go and help.  Well, regardless of being a SWAT Officer, it is my duty anyway.  So I headed the direction of the location of where the shots were fired.

As I pulled up to where I thought the scene was, I could not see anything, until I noticed out of the corner of my eye, the car they described over the radio heading down an alleyway.  Turning my car in the direction I saw that person go was one of the best feelings I had.  Because I knew it would have been later or even tough finding that car.  I followed that car until it stopped.  I watch that individual get out of the vehicle and head into the convenience store.  I pulled off to the side and got out of my car.  I was in plan clothes but still armed.  Watching the individual walk out of the store and knowing this was the best chance I had with no chance of innocent by-standers getting hurt, I walked up to the individual and draw my weapon from the holster I have concealed under-neigh my flannel shirt.  Ordering the suspect down to the ground I waited to see what he was going to do.  He complied with my orders as I called in my location.  Back-up arrived and took in the suspect.  I holster my weapon and gave my statement to the on-duty Sergeant.

As I stand united with my brothers in blue. I am proud to show my thin Blue line holster where ever I go! Now thanks to Crows Tactical Holster, I it is easier then ever as they make a line of holsters with the then blue line!  This holster is very durable, easy to slide my weapon in and out of.  But the quality is amazing, check out what Crows Tactical Holsters has to say – Check it out:

Core Holster in thin Blue Line Pattern .This will be the exterior pattern for the strong side shell . This is ONLY the Core holster by itself .To complete your Holster ,you will need to select a Blade to insert in the Core UMHP , as well as attachment device from the “Accessories” Page and the blade color and select the specific weapon you wish to carry in the UMHP Core from the “weapon blade Selection” page

Do you stand proud to help support your brothers in Blue!  Get this awesome holster from Crows Tactical Holster now!  They are waiting to customize your design! Until next time……………..

Click here for Crows Tactical

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