What are HALO points? Sparrow Lock picks

Do you have a “Halo Point?”  Well then you need to read this and share!

Sparrow Lock picks has conveniently designed and developed the very unique personal tool. They are called, “Halo points.”  These little tools can really be used for not only survival, but for combat as well.  Just think about it!  In a survival scene, you are out in the woods, lost and it is getting dark with nothing in your belly.  You pull out of your emergency kit one of the halo points you have with some 550 cord.  Quickly you make up a trap with a curved stick with the halo point attached to the end.  This small dangerous tools can quickly end an animals life so you can eat and survive!

Or what if you made yourself a makeshift Bow & Arrow and you took the bamboo arrow you made and attached the halo point to the end of it!  BAM!  Another survive tip.

Not only can it be an arrow tip, but what about a small dagger!  Same principal as the arrow, just shorten the handle and you have a dagger.  These this are limitless!  Check out what Sparrow Locks have to say:

HALO POINTS – Hybrid Arrow Heads

We first developed 3 of these points in a limited production run and offered a few for public sale.
Due to their popularity and some new equipment we have not only added them permanently we have expanded the line up to five different designs.
The Two new editions are on the far The Left Gear Head point and far The Right Step Head Point.
The overall designs are small and Sharp, the HALO points are built to be pinched with your fingers or tied onto an object. With a mix of holes and notches you have a number of different ways that you can grip or latch these pointy little thorns. The small design lets you covertly carry and store them.

Small survival tins, Behind a belt buckle, tongue of you boot … the options are endless

Available in Singles or as a Full Set

Full Halo set comes with a Small Survival Tin.

Average a length of 2.5 inches
Made out of 440C Steel
Black Stone Wash
Bit of Paracord

Hey!  Now swing over to sparrow locks and pick you up several pairs.  Until next time……

Click for Sparrow Lockpicks


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