How to trick out your rifle!

DSC_0511This is a great read!  Need to share it.

Have you ever bought a rifle from the gun store and looked it over for a couple  of days, then realized that there is something missing with your baby? Of course you have!  Well thanks to  Pyramyd Air and their Black Ops Tactical Sniper Gas-Piston Air Rifle we get to have fun in the training field as well as making the rifle ours.  So first you need to get all the materials to make this happen.

IMG_0275First phase shall we say?  Disassemble the part off the weapon and of course use some cardboard, paper or whatever you want so the paint will not get everywhere.  (Please use a well ventilated area when painting)


Next take whatever paint you need.  If you are living in a desert area then you will need the desert colors.  If you live in the high mountains area you can use a green color.  But if you use the desert on it like I did, you can always wrap it with green color burlap and it will still work great for camo.  Key phrase! You can always go dark in the field, but NEVER light.  So always paint the weapon a light color.

IMG_0278Okay, so we got that out of the way.  Next we start with a small very light coat of paint.  Because you need for it to dry.  Also have you ever heard to much and it runs?  Well it is true!  So we want to spray light and do two to three coats.  Remember to wait for one side to dry and then get the other side.




Now, while you are waiting for the weapon, Bi-pods and scope mounts to dry, you canIMG_0280 start on the scope!  This is harder because you need some frog tape to help with this process.  There are several things you do not want to paint.  All the number marks, numbers and also the lens both front and back.  Please, take your time and handle with care with your scope.  DON’T rush it.

IMG_0281Once you take the care and cut the tape into strips, you can see how I placed mine. Then you can start painting it!                                 IMG_0283



It is a blessing to have tape that does not leave residue on your glass and keeps the paint out.

IMG_0285Next, go to the computer and print off whatever terrain you live in (or whatever you think is cool) and print it off on card stock.  Then of course you want to use a model razor blade, Zecco knife etc..  Cut it out to were you can use it as a templates for your paint.




IMG_0288Now, you do not want to spray heavy, light quick movements will work.





IMG_0284It is also good to spray your scope and Bi-pods






IMG_0290Once the paint drys, go to a good hardware store and pick up a sealer for the paint.





Once it is all good and dry, with the sealer on you can put it all back together and it is complete!  You can now throw on some burlap and go shooting!


Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  I like to thank  Pyramyd Air for their awesome Black Ops Tactical Sniper Gas-Piston Air Rifle as well as their CenterPoint 4-16×56 AO Rifle Scope, Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 30mm Tube  Please look for the next article, when we take this rifle system into the field!  Enjoy and hang tuff!

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