Can you really pack up your target stands in your car?

dsc_0003What the! Did I really just see that?  I know right!  You have to check this review out…  Remember to always share.

What am I going to do?  I just got dress in all my tactical gear and went into the garage to load the truck and go meet the boys today out at the range.  But only to scream in horror to find my truck gone!  I immediately call my wife on the cell phone asking her, what the heck?  She told me that she need the truck for her and hers friends scrapbooking stuff.  But she told me that it was okay to drive her friends car today and left me the key on the kitchen counter.

dsc_0001I go grab the key, because I am late  and head back out into the garage.  I open the garage door and find a Smart Car!  A Smart Car!  Well, okay so I am going to get some laughs out of this from the guys out at the range.  At least my new target stands arrived from GG&G!  That’s right!  Remember hauling target stands around in the back of your truck?  Well GG&G has break down portable shooting stands that pack up nice and neat!

dsc_0004                dsc_0008

So, unzipped the bag the stands came in and made sure my targets were in the bag and zipped it back up.  Then I loaded it into the back of this car!  Well whats left of this car and then started loading the ammo and my rifles.


This is awesome, not only did I just load one target stand into this smart car, but in the carrying bag I have two!  Well, I am off to the range, stand-by for part 2 to see what happens at the range!

CAN you believe this miracle!  I know right GG&G has found a genius way to take our shooting target stands to the next level.  Read what they have to say about it:

TARGET STAND-PORTABLE:target-stand_portable

It’s simple! 7 Step Charlie wanted to create a target stand for shooters that is durable, flexible, portable, compact and complete-including a durable carry bag. Oh yea -We wanted one that is easy to set up too. This Portable Target Stand includes the base, the wood uprights, mid-point connectors, target backing, clips to mount the backing and the target, and a carry bag. It is compact too. The 7 Step Charlie Target Stand fits in a 13″ diameter by 36″ bag. The bag has room for targets and other gear as well. It’s a Grab N’ Go Target Stand.


  • Precision fabricated portable target stand.

  • Compact and easily transported with the sturdy 13″x36″ bag we have included.

  • This complete Target Stand is designed and manufactured to be portable. The 36″ long bag easily fits in the back of your Jeep, side-by-side or ATV.

  • Tool-less, quick and easy target setup and breakdown. All you do is slide the supplied 1″X2″ wood supports into the steel base and steel mid-point connectors and tighten the thumb screws. All of the wood supports are pre-cut to 36″ so there is no need to fuss with what piece goes where.

  • Extremely versatile. It is adjustable width for LE style, or IDPA / IPSC targets up to 36” in width.

  • Perfect for training with handgun, rifle or shotgun. The Target is 6′-2″ tall when assembled so that a full height target presentation is possible.

  • The connectors and base are manufactured from 17 gauge steel and powder-coated satin black to prevent corrosion.

  • Wide footprint provides excellent stability on uneven surfaces or in windy conditions.

  • Package includes a 24″ x 36″ corrugated plastic target backing board that rolls up.

  • (6) target hanging hold down clips are included. If you lose one-no problem. Visit you favorite Office Max or Office Depot and pick up an inexpensive replacement.

  • The zinc plated eyelet thumb screws used for installing the supports can be used as tie-down points if needed.

  • (7) 3 foot long 1×2″ wood supports are included. These inexpensive supports can be replaced if damaged, at any Lowes or Home Depot.

  • Height: Stands 6′ 2″ tall when assembled.

  • Weight: 10.5 lbs with bag.

  • Warranty: Because the Target Stand is being shot at, the warranty indicates that all components are new and have been delivered in an operable condition, and are void of manufacturing defects.

  • The Target Stand Steel And Wood Components Are Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!

Nice, right?  Well I think you need about four (4) of these!  That way you can bring friends.  So head over to GG&G and pick up yours today!  Until next time, stay frosty!

Click here for GG&G



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