Ninja Sword to have in time of need

So is this the 80’s or 90’s? Is the Ninja craze over!  I think not? What people do not know is that the Ninjascene or craze is really not over.  Just as the Ninja has done in agent society, step back into the shadows as they have done in the past, present and now in the future.  As a Military professional that I am, I sure do wish I could carry a Ninja sword, right!  So I reached out to Boker USA which just happen to have a Ninja sword in stock and ordered one.  As the sword arrived, you would think this is the top of the line ninja history and be able to take out all the Samurai in the world!  Well I will say that it is not the 30,000 dollar blade you want.  But I can tell you, you are getting a great sword for the unbelievable price that Boker USA sells them for.

The Ninja Sword is typically defined as the “short sword” of Japan having straight blade and square-shaped guard. The squared hand guard is what identifies the Ninja sword from all of the other swords.  The actual length of the ninja sword is 40 inches you get from Boker USA.  But a true Ninja sword is about 24 inch blade.  It is meant to be short to get in close to fight the Samurai.  With the Samurai having longer swords to keep the opponent at a distance.  The Ninja Sword it meant to keep them close to where it is hard to maneuver their long sword.   Check out what Boker USA has to say:



This Ninja sword is an imposing weapon! Unlike samurai swords that are slightly curved, the blades of a Ninja sword are straight and mostly equipped with a square Tsuba. The hand-forged blade is made of 200 layers of black Damascus steel and emphasizes the exclusive character of this noble sword by the black coating that still shows the Damascus pattern very distinctively. The Hand forged Black Damascus Ninja Sword has a decorative cutting edge. The black handle has been traditionally wrapped with real manta ray skin and two Mekugis and lays comfortably in your hand. The sword comes with a black varnished wooden sheath and an authentic cotton pouch.  Decorative or collector’s sword, not suited for use!

Black Ninja Sword Damascus

Marke: Magnum
Artikeltyp: Dekoschwert
Total Length: 40,6
Blade length: 28.0 in
Blade thickness: 0.30 in
Weight: 49.4 oz
Blade Material: Damascus
Handle Material: Ray Skin
Lock: Fixed
Color: Black
Blade Color: Black


On my final thoughts for this Ninja sword, it is certainly a sword to impress with Martial Arts or Ninja practitioners. This straight blade with a normal ninja square-shaped handguard is extremely popular in the past and present era.  In true ninja style swords, the movies have shown the square handguard as a ninja sword.  Worldwide, anyone can single out the ninja sword from a pile of swords.  Whether or not you use this Ninja sword as a decorative and functional purposes can withstand your needs.  Boker USA really chooses quality items to sell out of there store. So, head over to Boker USA and check out this sword and other items.  Until next time………

Head over to Boker USA and check out the Ninja as well as all the other blades they have.


Click here for Boker USA

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