“Get Down!” Active shooter training

Active_shooter_1Christmas time is my favorite time of the year; I am dealing with a crowded shopping mall just like everyone else. Stresses from last minute deals the store has on gifts with the family. But all of the sudden, BAM, BAM, BAM people

start screaming and running towards me, someone is shooting! The crowd is in chaos, what do I do now?

Would you know what to do when mass chaos happens? How do I protect your family? Statistics show that if you are prepared for incidents like the example above, chances are high that you will survive the situation. But one question you have to ask yourself is, “would this really happen to me?” Below you will find 2009 through 2012 Active shooting Incidents found from:     http://www.msasecurity.net/Portals/91068/docs/MSA%20Special%20Analysis%20-%20Active%20Shooter%20Threat%208.20.12.pdf


Recent Active Shooter Incidents


August 5 – Oak Creek, WI 7 killed, 3 injured

July 20 – Aurora, CO 12 killed, 58 injured

April 2 – Oakland, CA 7 killed



October 12 – Seal Beach, CA 8 killed

July 22 – Oslo, Norway 69 killed, 110 injured

January 8 – Tucson, AZ 6 killed, 13 injured



August 3 – Manchester, CT 9 killed


November 5 – Fort Hood, TX 13 killed, 42 injured

April 3 – Binghamton, NY 13 killed

March 29 – Carthage, NC 8 killed

March 10 – Geneva & Samson, AL 11 killed


Just in the past few months we can add to the list, Washington DC car and motorcycle chase and beating. Navy Shipyard and several others happen around the country. These types of shooting can happen anywhere, your local fast food, or whatever just know we must be prepared to take that step and protect ourselves and our family.

Listed below is the Department of Homeland Security top 11 things you need to do to survive an active shooter in quote:

  1. Prepare;

In emergencies we go through a fight or flight process. Our frontal cortex of the brain, which is our deliberate thought that we experience every day, that shuts down.” That often causes tunnel vision and auditory exclusion — impaired hearing due to the fight-or-flight state.

But what kicks in is your ventral striatum. That’s where your muscle memory is stored. So if you train for these situations, and you train properly, you will strengthen that muscle memory.

We have to practice this every month or so, (frequent drills) you’ve got to get a plan and practice it.

  1. Run and Take Others with You

Your first instinct may be to freeze and hide, fight it and get you and your family out of there, do not be like John Wayne and think you can stand alone and always be the hero. Think smart and if you can take the people around you with you do it. Because they may be in shock and cannot move away. As a good example, if you know the shooter is pretty far away from your position, tell the people standing around you to follow you to an exit or hiding place.


  1. Leave the cellphone

If you drop your cell phone in this chaos, leave it! The last thing you want to worry about is your cellphone.

  1. Can’t Run? You need to hide

If you can’t find an exit, you need to find a hiding place and find it fast. A perfect place you would want to look for is a room with a door. Then try to lock the door, first see if there is a locking door handle, if not try to find a door stop of something to wedge under the door, preventing it to open. Put a chair, a sofa, and even a desk in front of the door and turn the lights off. The more weight and objects that you have holding the door shut, the greater the distraction to the shooter of trying to get in. This not only makes it harder for him to shoot at you, but it puts time on your side.

  1. Silence your cellphone

After finding a place to hide, you need to really think about silencing all cell phone. No noises should be heard from the place where you are hiding. Designate one person to call (from a landline if possible) the police and whisper to them what you hear and what you see and where you are located. Let them know where you are and how many people are with you.


  1. Why the landline

If you’re calling from a landline and something happens and you drop the phone, the dispatch center will have the address from where you are calling from and will send the Police. If you call on your cellphone, the information will only pop up the general location of the cell tower it was connect to.

  1. Fight

You have to fight for your life! You have to develop a survival warrior mindset and you’re going to utilize everything you can find as a weapon.

Scissors, hot coffee, pens, pencils, drinking glasses, other glass objects. Fire extinguishers; use them either for engaging or as a weapon to inflict blunt force trauma. They are also good for spraying them and making a smoke screen.


  1. Forget about being shot at; Fight

Most people who are shot by a gun do survive. With that in mind – Just keep fighting. You want to buy some time, get them distracted, because it’s going to take police three or four minutes to get to where you are at and you are making sure other people have time to get away.

  1. Aim high

When you are fighting the person and you are empty handed aim for the eyes, face, ears and the neck (throat) area. Same goes for you when you have a weapon, but also with the weapon aim for the hands and the weapon. These are good targets and helps control the situation.

  1. Fight as a group

You want to distract the shooter, if you are hiding in a group, use the group to assist you! Dominate the situation, mob rush the shooter. When you have a big group sometimes causes the shooter to panic and you will be able to gain control of the situation.

  1. Whatever you do, you need to do something

Did you know that the first five seconds of an active shooter incident is paramount, Do not freeze in disbelief. You want to react immediately. This country is experiencing a lot of traumatic incidents, as you can see in the above statistics, so you have to be prepared.

I am providing a website address for a Department of Homeland Security downloadable PDF pamphlet for you to have and read. This is very good information, you can find it at:


Ladies and gentleman please understand that active shooters are for real and will happen, we must take the time and prepare ourselves. Have the plan, react and respond. Until next time



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