ZT KnivesHave you ever used a Tomahawk before?  Well you need to see this REVIEW on the Kershaw’s Tomahawk the “SIEGE” from Kershaw Knives.

While I was walking through this mountain region of Northern Afghanistan with my unit, I did not hesitate to reach around and grab my Siege to help clear our pathway through some of this thick brush.  Some of the guys liked my Siege (Tomahawk) because we would all take turns back at the FOB (forward operating base) throwing it into some wood.  My Siege was well made, very heavy which meant it was great for throwing.  You really never know when IMG_0996you will need it to reach out and touch someone!  So after clearing a path for a bit, I placed it back into the holder that was attached to my belt.

After walking a few more hours as slow as we could, we finally reached our target destination.  Slowly we walked now, slower then we were walking before, we all knew where to go and went into our positions.  We then scattered into the brush and held our positions there until it had gotten dark enough for us to enter the compound.  We sat there just listening to all the sounds around us.  You could hear all the noise coming from the camp drowning out the animals noises in the trees. When all of the sudden out of nowhere we see a guard out on patrol.  No one in the unit moved a inch.  We sat there and watch him.  I am sure Ambrose-5695everyone else was thinking the same thing I was.  If he or us fires a round we will be compromised and no one needs that right now.  The guard continued to inch his way around, moving closer to our position.  Next thing you see is the guards eye get big, as he turns around and bolts towards the camp.  I was shaking my head as I reached for my Siege, I stood up and through the Siege as hard as I could striking……….

Sorry folks we really have to keep it clean.  Needless to say this Siege from Kershaw Knives is very balanced for throwing that you would have no trouble sticking it to something.

So let’s see what Kershaw Knives has to say about this amazing tool:



Kershaw is proud to introduce our own tomahawk, the new Siege.

This powerful tool is adept at everything from obstacle removal and dynamic entry to opening crates. The hatchet head offers a durable edge. The back spike is designed for maximum penetration, while the pommel includes a nail-puller and a sturdy pry bar.

The Siege’s steel provides strength, wear resistance, and durability; the black-oxide coating protects the blade. Riveted, glass-filled nylon scales with Kershaw’s exclusive K-Texture™ pattern offer a secure grip and handling comfort.

The Siege comes with its own sheath for storage and easy carrying.

WOW! Right?  That is my thoughts exactly!  This Siege is durable, sharp, balanced, test and mother approved!  You really need to swing over to Zero Tolerance Knives and check out all the great equipment they have!  Remember!  You need what works and this is one of them.  Until next time………………………

               Click for Zero Tolerance Knives


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