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So, Benchmade has a lot of knives on their website, but out of all of them, The Arvensis knife is the knife to have!  Check out this article:

On a clear moon lite night, as I stack next to the door, on the side where the hinges are located and seeing that the door will swing inward, I was in the right position for entry into the building. Thinking to myself as we prepared to enter, we must take this person alive.  Several guys on the team are lined up behind me, like we have done so many times before in training, with one guy standing opposite side of the rest of us ready to breach as I give word.  Waiting for the sign to enter, as it will be coming with a squeeze to my thigh from the guy behind me.  As each guy sets in his proper place in the line and readies himself, he then squeezes the guy’s thigh in front of him letting him know that he is ready to move.  I know the sign is coming down the line closer to me because the hair on the back of my neck is starting to stand up and I prepare for whatever may come my way.

Then suddenly I feel the squeeze on my thigh, “Ready” I knew, so I then moved my head up and down given the breacher motion to execute the breach.  The breacher blows the door handle off with his black Remington 870, pump-action 12 gauge shotgun.  I see that the door is open, already having the pin removed from the flashbang, I throw it inside the room.  “BANG!” I rush for the door pushing it open with my shoulder, riding inward knowing where my own section of fire is and where I needed to go.  As I scan the room moving to my area of fire, I catch movement in the center of the room where I see the first contact.  I noticed this big stocky guy in shorts and no shirt standing there about 8 inches taller than me and twice my size reaching for his weapon; without hesitation, I start yelling and running towards him.  He is not listening to me and grabbed for his weapon.  As he was bringing the weapon up in my direction, I pulled my trigger on the M4, only screaming in horror as Uncle Murphy welcomes me.  All I hear is a click! “Malfunction.” I thought.  The big guy continued his motion upward raising the weapon towards me as I get to him.  Letting my M4 drop to my chest knowing that the strap will not let it fall to the ground, I reached out with my right hand grabbing his arm and redirecting his weapon just as he fired his weapon.  I then reached with my left hand and grabbed my Arvensis knife (from Benchmade Knives) slashing his tricep causing him to let go of the weapon.  As he reached for his cut I pushed him back and into the wall and……….


Sorry folks this is a family kind of website!  I will have to end it there.  But let me tell you about this awesome knife I got from Benchmade!  This knife is called the Arvensis!  If you look at it, then you will know what I am talking about.  It has everything a Military or Knife fighter would need in a blade.  Heavy-duty, you can also get it serrated (if you like), the bottom of the handle to crush a skull or hammer in a nail!  Also, the length to keep your enemy at bay.  Check out the specs!

A big, heavy-duty tactical knife that Shane Sibert designed to be well balanced with a “light hand feel”. The Arvensis is an impressive, future-forward fixed blade design with an innovative sheath attachment feature that allows for integration with almost anything. Made in USA.

Designer: Sibert
Mechanism: Fixed Blade
Action: Fixed
Blade Length: 6.44″ (16.36cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.193″ (4.902mm)
Overall Length: 11.72″ (29.77cm)
Blade Steel: 154CM (58-61 HRC)
Handle Thickness: 0.75″ (19.05mm)
Weight: 11.74oz. (332.82g)

Click here for Benchmade

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