Yes! Magpul has a dope book

Did you know Magpul has a Dope (Data) book?  Last year we did Magpul’s Hunter stock for a custom made REM 700 and with ever new rifle we need to dope it out!  Check out this article.  Do not forget to share…..

Just got my NEW Hunter Stock  (See Hunter article here)from Magpul and I am ready to take it to the range.  One thing I was always taught in Military Sniper School was, when you get a new rifle, you need a new dope book.  Believe it or not Magpul sent me a data book with it.  I know right, Magpul.

Magpul is there for all you shooters, whether you are a beginner or advance shooter this data book is for you!  Check out what Magpul says about it:


The Magpul Core Precision Rifle Data Book uses a simplified density altitude-based, color-coded chart to record your rifles’ data across a wide spectrum of shooting conditions. Using a rugged, all weather material that can be written on using map pens, pencils, and non-permanent markers, this data book was designed to perform in austere conditions. Recorded data can also be erased with alcohol based substances, returning the material to its original state. All pages are reusable and include a field expedient density altitude calculator, cold bore shot tracking log, known distance data confirmation pages, range cards, a point of impact shift tracker, and simple hasty hold formulas. Ring not included.


  • True all-weather, semi rigid writing surface
  • Recorded material is erasable with alcohol
  • Field Expedient Density Altitude calculator
  • Cold Bore/Night Optic and POI Shift Track Logs
  • KD Data collection sheets from -5000 to 16,700 feet DA
  • Field Range Cards and Unknown Distance/Observation Amplifying Remarks Cards
  • Moving target and Hasty Hold formulas
  • 7.0″ H x 5.0″ W

Head over to Magpul now and pick up this dope book.  Now remember, do not get lost with ALL the other cool equipment.  Until Next time……

Click here for Magpul


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