In the field and thirsty

Waterbladder-1Spector  makes a lot of equipment for the US Military, they modify it to be universal to suit all the units in each Military branch.  I would like to introduce you one of their hydration systems, the water bladder (hydration pouch).

This is a pouch that

can attach to any body armor as you can see in the picture below.  The straps weaves in and out of the webbing on the pouch and on your vest.  This way it can be securely tighten with little to no movement.



Next, you will find that the bladder itself will come completely out of the pouch so you can fill it, clean it and let it dry without having to unwrap it from your body vest.  The hose is insulated for two reason: 1st to keep the hose protected from penetration and 2nd to keep the water in the lines cool.  The bladder has a large opening so you can fill it with ease and not have to worry about spilling.Spector water bladder

I really like this pack, you can fill it with ease to keep you hydrated in the field without taking on and off your vest.  I highly recommend this item for any use.  But the really cool thing about this is I can transfer the water pouch to my Ghillie suit without all the work.  (see picture below).

Water bladder

This product will cost around $30.00 to $40.00 dollars and worth it.  Please stop by their website at

Until next time



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