Designated Marksman Data Log Book

Expeditionary DMHave you ever wondered what is in a EDM (Expeditionary Designated Marksman) data book?  I call it my, “dope book.”  To tell you the truth, it really is the Marksman preference to what goes in his/or her data book.  One of the most important thing you need in the book, is everything that makes you successful as a EDM or Sniper.  Make sure you have one data book per rifle and scope.  Now, I am going to let you take a look at what is in my book:

Expeditionary DM-2

  • All weather pen
  • Mildot Master
  • Sniper Template
  • Slope Doper
  • Ballisticard
  • Data sheets Unkn charts, Lead, Target sheets)
  • Quick Note’s for the course (Range, unkn, wind, etc.)

As you can see there is a lot of information that goes into the dope book.  What you do not see is that I do have a small calculator that goes in there as well.  It is nice to calculate stuff fast when you have to do all that math.

Expeditionary DM-3

The template that you see in the picture is a good tool to use when you have time in the field to draw on your cards while you are on the range.   I use the template on the target cards to match the target I am using and draw them on my card, then I mark where my shots are.  Good reference.

Expeditionary DM-4

The all-weather pen is awesome! I own several of them and even though they are a little more expensive than the normal pen, it will write whether it is raining, snowing, cold, hot well anything!  But can you see the tabs I have on my sheets?  I mark them for the yards like example: 100yds, 200yrds and etc.  That way it is quick for me to turn to the page I need.

Expeditionary DM-5        Expeditionary DM-6

Lastly, the data sheets!  There are several different kinds you can buy, and/or whatever your department gives you.  But the one thing I do know for sure is to make sure you fill them out, try not to leave anything blank.  On the range card make sure you draw out target for a quick range estimate.  Remember!!!! Always keep a book for one rifle, if you get a new rifle then get a new data book.  US Tactical Supply has a good data book kit they sale, they can be found on:

Click for US Tactical Supply

U.S. Tactical Supply (@USTS) | Twitter


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