A Hammock made for Warfare

Now, are you a camper? Military? or whatever?  Well, then this is for you!  Check out our Kryptek Hammock.

It is starting to get late, and being 20 miles behind enemy lines is already hard enough to even think about.  We have to find a safe place to sleep tonight.  As we continued to look for an area, one of the guys decided that the spot we were in was going to be the best for us.  Each one of us took our turn climbing the trees to set up our hammocks.  That’s right! Climbing up in the trees.  See if you are behind enemy lines and you do not want to get caught, place your hammock up in the trees.  When people are out on patrol, they are more focus on what’s on the ground and around trees then they are what’s up in trees.

So it was my turn, I unpacked my The Kryptek Double Hammock I got from Grand Trunk which has the best camo in the world and with the total suspension system they sent with the hammock, made for a night I will not forget!

What a night!  No one could see me because of the camo, and so roomy that I could not believe it.  The double hammock was very compact that I could stick it in my rucksack with plenty of room.  Also, with the total suspension system, I did not have to worry about it falling out of the trees.  Check out what Grand Trunk has to say about it:

Originally designed with Special Operators in mind, the patented camo design is made for function mixing both a blend and a distributive layered effect yet is also fashionable with it’s reptilian like pattern. The Kryptek Double Hammock is only available from Grand Trunk; it’s spacious, lightweight, made with a proprietary NO-stretch fabric and at 19 ounces, weighs less than your average camp chair and 1-person tent.


  • Aluminum Wire-Gate Carabiners
  • Micro-Diamond Ripstop
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Capacity400 lbs
  • Dimensions10’6″ x 6’6″
  • Weight19 oz


What an idea! and what a tremendous hammock!  Go ahead and go to that big convenient store that sells cheap stuff and pick up that hammock.  Or get a real hammock that has been proven to handle the toughest men in the world!  Swing by Grand Trunk now and get yours.

Click here For Grand Trunk

Click here for the total suspension system




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