IMG_9812Okay, so you are looking for an alternative force on force training for your unit?  Well the time has come.  Check this review out on the H&K MP5!

Slamming hard up against this wall, using it as cover I look back at my partner who is right up next to me.  Both of us are breathing hard from running as fast as we could without being seen.  I say to him, “okay, we just have to make it inside the hanger and then into the far back room,”  Thomas reply’s, “got it!” Thomas then puts is2cd8d21d2f13ff7b889790686c1d85c1 weapon on semi auto as I pull my magazine out to make sure there was enough ammo.  Placing the mag back into the weapon I nodded my head up and down letting Thomas know I was ready.  Pulling the mask over my face to conceal myself we moved out from cover and made our way around the building.  I was approaching a window on my left and slowly waved at Thomas to look into it as I covered him.  He peeked through the corner of it and noticed someone standing in the room.  Lucky for us the window was crack a little so we used it for our advantage.  Thomas slowly pushed the window open just enough to get his muzzle in and fired off some rounds into the guy standing there.  He immediately fell to the floor.  Thomas then pushed the window all the way open and climb in.  I followed him into the room.


photo by Luke Graham

Both of us started down the hall way still looking for our target.  All of the sudden two guys came from around the corner and I lite them both up before they could even react.  Finally we came to the end of the hall and noticed that our target was in this room.  We could see him standing there through a small window.  I tapped Thomas and pointed in the direction of the room.  He nodded back and before we even knew what hit us, we were being sprayed with bullets as two guys came out of no where and lite us up.  Of course we reacted to dying like we both were going for an Oscar performance.  Chief walked out of the room and said to us all, “okay guys let’s run it again but switch bad guys.”  Thomas and I stood up, exchanged weapons with the new bad guys and reset the staged area.  We could not believe that these airsoft guns we got from Pyramydair would stand up to our kind of training!  Well I guess I was wrong!


Photo by Luke Graham

OMG!  This is a great training tool.  We can enjoy the force on force to see what would happen when we plan for a mission.  Plus we can train all day, because this is so cheap in training cost that it is saving us money.  Pyramd air has hundreds of different training tools to chose from.  All you have to do is go pick one and train!  Read what Pyramd air has to say about my H&KMP5 PDW:


  • Semi/full automaticHK-MP5-A4-Comp-AEG-SMG-Black-Airsoft_HK-2278067_zm2
  • Authentic replica
  • Full metal gearbox
  • Full metal gears
  • Metal barrel
  • High-capacity magazine
  • Ambidextrous fire selector switch
  • Adjustable hop-up

Carry a versatile and robust submachine gun for your next airsoft war! The H&K MP5 A4 COMP submachine gun delivers the intense semi/full automatic firepower needed to be successful on the battlefield. The gun is made with a mix of metal and ABS plastic components and the ambidextrous fire selector switch makes the gun an ideal choice for right and left-handed shooters. The gun features a full metal inner barrel & full metal gears for a robust weight, a high-capacity 200 rd magazine and a shot velocity of 350-360 fps (using .20g BBs). The battery compartment is located in the stock of the gun. Simply push down the rear base plate of the stock and remove the base plate to access the compartment. You can also dial in enhanced long range accuracy with the gun’s adjustable hop-up unit. The H&K MP5 A4 COMP is a worthy addition to the armory of any serious airsoft enthusiast!

Now, doesn’t that just want to make you swing over to Pyramd air and pick one up?  It should.  What better way to train then with weapons that give back!  Until next time………….

Click for Pyramd Air


images                    Number one in airsoft guns!

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