The Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera

IMG_1116The Pocket FLIR Thermal Imaging camera, do you have one?  Okay all you Military and ghost hunters out there, this article review is for you!  READ and Share.

It was a moonless night out here in the brush.  Quiet to the point I could hear every animal out here making their wonderful noise.  I knew he was laying down somewhere, but I just could not figure out where?  It was pitch black without that moon and trying to find someone was impossible!  Or was it?  Lucky for me I had brought something I bought from a company called, “FLIR.”  FLIR is the maker of Military and Civilian Thermal Imaging cameras.  The one I so happen to flir-one-2015-iphone-970x546-chave in my pocket was for the IPHONE.  Yes! IPHONE.  Can you believe it?  Who would have thought that you can hook up a small camera to your IPHONE and have instantly thermal images?  I would have not believe it if I have not seen it for myself.

Sorry about that, I lose track on cool items like that.  So here we are Sniper vs. Sniper in the field downrange from the FOB and looking for a very skilled person in pitch black.  Then I pull out the FLIR One Thermal imaging camera and attached it to my IPHONE.  Pressed the FLIR phone app and “BAM” instant thermal video.  Now all I have to do is point in a 360 degree direction until I see some sort of heat source.


“BINGO,”  just off to my left I see a small heat source maybe 50 yards away.  I started to skull crawl my way in that direction, every now and then pointing my FLIR One to make sure I was still moving in the right direction.  As I did point the FLIR One, I could see the heat source getting bigger and bigger as I moved closer.  When I reached about 25 yards the heat source was more clear and it was an animal.  Dang-it!  I got up to my knees and again did a 360 degrees search until, I saw a human figure.  There he is.  I quietly got down in the prone position and skull crawled a little closer until I knew I hadIMG_1115 a clear shot.  I then stopped , set up my rifle and then I saw him get up in the knee position and move  a little more to the left.  Then he laid back down.  I made my adjustment with my rifle.  I really could not see him through my scope, only a shadow within other shadows.  So I took the chance and took the IPHONE and attached it to flir_one_thermal_accessorymy rifle  with some fast ingenious engineering and fired the shot!  I could see through the Thermal camera it was a direct hit.  I took another shot, hearing the guy yelling, “okay, okay you got me.  How in the hell did you see me?”  I stood up and said, “Instructor, you taught me well!”  The instructor laughed and said that I passed the test and head back to the FOB.  “AYE, AYE Captain,” I said and headed back to the FOB.  I laughed all the way back to the FOB knowing that I now have a great secret.  Thanks FLIR!

Now, isn’t that great!  Who would have even thought of this!  This is an awesome toolir_2 to have.  Not only here in the field, but what about being a spy? seeing what numbers someone pushed on button to get into anything.  Or maybe ghost hunters?  Whatever you need a thermal camera for, this is for you!  Oh, also you have immediately real time video or pictures.

Just read what FLIR says about this FLIR One Thermal camera:

FLIR ONE is lightweight, easy to connect and easy to use.

You’ll explore the world around you in ways you never thought possible, FLIR-ONE-iOSwith no additional cords, cases, devices or screens necessary. Simply attach FLIR ONE to your smartphone or tablet and take it with you wherever you go. A new world of vision in the palm of your hand.

  • Non contact spot temperature measurement

  • Patented MSX Technology for superior image quality

  • Built-in battery means no reduction in handset battery life

  • Features automatic shuttering Lepton thermal camera module

  • Protective case included

  • FLIR ONE App includes features like thermal panoramas and thermal timelapse

Now are you jealous? I would be if I did not have one.  Please go pick one up from FLIR and see all the amazing things you can do with it!  Until next time………FLIR ONE Superhero Power Pocket Sized Thermal Imager for iOS Devices 01

                            Click here for FLIR



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