SOG’s Tactical Tomahawk Just in time!

Do you own a tactical Tomahawk?  Well, I took one on deployment and if you want to hear how it went, Read below!

I was about 1 more mike away from where I was to position myself before the raid.  I knew this was going to be tough terrain to get to, but didn’t think it was that thick of terrain.  As I was looking in front of me, I could see thick brush I need to get through.  There was no time to go around.  I reached down and reached for my SOG Tactical Tomahawk that was connected to my belt.  As I swung it around, I started swinging this lightweight tomahawk at the brush with ease.   After what seemed to be a lifetime cutting through this stuff, I finally reached the end of it and put away the tomahawk.  Man, this kydex carrying case was easy to put this tomahawk away.  I hate most holsters where you have to lift your vest or move it out of the way to drop the tomahawk through the loop strap.  Nope, this was slide the front swivel piece forward and put the tomahawk in.

I walked for a few more minutes and I arrived in the area where I needed to set up my sniperhide.  I knelt down and then reached around my left side and lifted up on the kydex holster the tomahawk was in.  I knew it was there because the kydex holster was hanging from my belt, touching the back of my thigh when I was walking.  After grabbing the tomahawk, I moved into the prone position and started chopping away branches.  I needed to move branches out of the way just enough to get a clear view of the area I needed to protect.

Now, I did not just take the branches and threw them aside.  I used them to build a better concealment hide around me.  Man, SOG knows how to build a tomahawk!  I am cutting through these branches like I was cutting through paper.  By this time I had moved from the prone position, back to my knees.  As I was moving around some of the branches, I heard a noise from behind me.    I slowly turned my head to my left and looked over my shoulder.  I could see a man with a weapon standing about 5 feet behind me.  I then rolled to my left side and dropped down onto the ground and with my left hand I throw the tomahawk at him.  Sticking him in the chest, I got up off the ground and tackled the guy to the ground.  He was still alive as I talked with him to get information about the area.  Just then I could see my teammates heading this direction and I waited for the corpsman.

Man! what was I thinking about to allow this guy to get so close to me.  Good thing OG makes a tactical tomahawk that is not only able to handle the chopping but balanced to throw as well.

One of the fun things I like to do is to, “modify” my weapons when I get them.  To me, it makes me fill like they are mine and it gives character to them.  As you can see in the picture to the right.  Having texture to the blade and handle gives it a different feel and could blend in with the natural environment.  You can do this yourself and it is easy.  Go to the store and buy whatever color of paint you want.  Make sure it is flat paint.  Otherwise, it will have metallic lakes in it and you will light up like a Christmas tree with night vision.  Once you have the paint, find a pattern you like on the internet.  Pattern: leaves, branches, shrubs and etc.  Print it cardstock or thick paper.  This is because when you cut the pattern out with a razor, you will want it to hold up when you lay the pattern over the weapon and spray paint the pattern on the blade, handle and etc.   That easy!



Based on the Vietnam Tomahawk, the Tactical Tomahawk is an extreme evolution of the original which was considered one of the more unusual weapons of its day. Today there is a real need for a versatile tool for breaching operations, excavation, obstacle removal, extraction, and other utility applications. The 420 stainless steel head with Hardcased coating is mounted to the fiberglass reinforced nylon handle with heavy-duty bolts and a steel ferrule for stability. Side hammer checkering insures precise placement when pounding. Carried in a nylon sheath this is a universal tool for modern man.

Overall Length  15.75″

Product Weight 24.00 oz

Blade Length 2.75″

UPC 7-29857-99485-9

Product Type  Axe

Finish  Black

Engravable  Yes

Hardness  Rc. 51-53

Blade Steel Type  420 Stainless

Edge Type  Straight

Handle Material  Glass-Reinforced Nylon

Handle Color  Black



Now, I chose a different holster than the one it comes with.  Even though the nylon holster is good, I needed a holster with a quick release, but strong enough to handle anything it comes across with.  SOG has this kydex holster that fits it perfectly.  Check out what they say about it, along with their instructional video.


  • Tek-Lok loop
  • Push button rotation
  • Active and Passive retention

The SOG Tactical Tomahawk Hard Molded Nylon Sheath provides an extremely secure and versatile option for SOG Tactical Tomahawks. Attach the sheath with the included adjustable Tek-Lok loop. Push the button on the back of the sheath and the tomahawk can be rotated to different positions allowing use while riding in vehicles or simply to make the handle easier to get to. The Sheath holds your tomahawk firmly in place with passive, friction retention as well as an active rotating lock.

Check out SOG’s cool instructional video

Head over to SOG and check out this tomahawk!  Or all the other knives they have waiting to be taking home.  Until next time

Click here for SOG

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