The Overwatch bacakpack this is one cool Tactical equipment!  The Overwatch Backpack from Hazard4.  You need to read this review!

Looking up at the stairs above me, I noticed that I only have about 4 more flights to go.  I was not going to think about the 15 flights I just climbed!  Holding on to the rail I had finally made it.  Man that was kind of easy I said to my buddy who was breathing hard.  We both just laughed at each other.  Next thing I hear is the Commander through my ear piece asking me if I had set up yet.  I grabbed the throat mic and said, “I am almost there.  Give me 5 minutes.”  I hear the confirmation, “Roger that!”

We pushed through the door that entered the roof and headed towards the east corner of the building.  Still hearing all the commotion going on down on the street corner, we hurried to set up.  I took off my Overwatch backpack which was big enough to carrier my rifle and set it down in front of me.  I unzipped the top and pulled out the rifle.  I grabbed the backpack and used it as a rest on top of the brick wall.  I position the rifle stock down on top of the backpack and zeroed in on my target.  Through the scope could see the target clear as day.  Not worried about my stock on my rifle because the backpack was well padded, that it held the rifle steady.  Just then I could hear the Commander over the radio that if I had a clear shot to take it.  Looking through the scope, you could see everything elevating as the target kept raising a pistol.  Just then it appeared that the officers around the scene were in immediate danger and the next thing I know is I could feel the recoil of the rifle.

I hear over the radio, “move in, move in!” and then the same voice saying, “Send in the medics.”  That was my que to pack up and head down for debriefing.  I loaded the rifle back1024x1024 into the overwatch backpack, through it over the shoulder and headed back down the stairs.

What a great idea Hazard4 had!  This overwatch backpack has multi-features to it.  It is a NORMAL backpack, until you fold out the top and bottom packets and then it becomes a rifle backpack.  What a way to carrier your rifle and equipment.  Hazard4 has taking into account the comfort of the Tactical person as well as the needs for their equipment!  Check out what Hazard4 has to say about this you vision backpack:

overwatchtm-black-92f              overwatchtm-198

Overwatch Backpack rifle carry roll-pack

A well sized day-backpack w/ thermoformed back panel, the Overwatch™ suits anyone needing to transport their gear and includes a unique thermoformed cap to protect sunglasses and a large organizer pocket for pens, lights, knives, etc. The removable MOLLE-compatible belt can be worn alone as a surface for mounting smaller bags/pouches. This exclusive design has sleeves that unroll to allow the carrying of various rifles inside.

_ the sleeves can be rolled to position higher or lower overwatchtm-173
_ cumbersome accessories (scopes, vfg, etc.) fit in middle
_ rifle can be accessed from pack or top sleeve
_ inner compression straps hold guns tight while you move
_ padded back-carrier pocket fits most 15″ laptops
_ back-pocket will also fit hydration bladders (up to 100 oz./3L)
_ anatomic, thermoformed back-panel w/ air circulation
_ 3D air-mesh underside on straps/belt for breathability
_ padded, thermoformed pod for carrying optics, etc.
_ hydration hose/antenna port to main and back areas
_ large pocket w/ organizer for tools, pens, etc.
_ velcro patch area on front pocket and top sleeve
_ large grab-handles for carrying, hanging, or passing
_ high-quality 3D Hazard 4® logo in subdued color scheme
_ removable, padded belt w/ MOLLE webbing for pouches
_ buckle on harness straps for rapid drops in emergencies
_ compression-straps (which also secure tubular items)
_ MOLLE webbing throughout harness, etc. for expansion
_ long sternum-strap w/ elastic take-up for chest comfort
_ also fits objects like telescopes, etc. in padded safety


Nice huh?  This was named right!  When you need to get to the overwatch position, what better way then with the OVERWATCH BACKPACK

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