Apache Dawn – Tops Knives

Once again, TOPs Knives has proven that the quality of their knives is top-notch.  Check out the article below!  This is something you do not want to miss.

If you’ve been looking for a new knife. You might want to check out the Apache Dawn but only if you’re looking for a fixed blade big enough to handle taking down an Elk to cutting in brick with.  This fixed blade is a serious knife!  Believe me when I say it is NOT meant for the lighthearted. It is 100% made in the good ol’ USA baby!  The blade is made of steel and about ¼ inch thick.  Big mama….

The handle is made of G10, and feels like they spent enough time on the handle as they did with the knife.  Believe it or not, but when gripping the handle, it fits snug in your hand providing optimum control when fighting with it or simply building a fire with it.  With ridges in the handle to handle all your fingers for maximum hold.

The sheath is made up of black woven fabric and a little then.  But it is strong as an Ox.  The sheath can attach anywhere, the belt, leg, tactical vest and etc.  The Apache Dawn does fit snugged in its case for the ability to run, jump, dive or even roll down a mountain and it will stay.

Let’s see what TOPs Knives have to say about that:

The Apache Dawn Rockies Edition is a classic design, but with updated features. Weighing in at just under one pound, this knife has the heft, speed, and length needed to be an excellent all-around combat/field knife.

As a field knife, the Apache Dawn is more than capable. The blade is long enough to handle many heavy tasks, but it also has a finger choil so the user can choke up for more controlled cutting. It has a nice belly to the tip, which is great for skinning game. This knife is ready to perform a variety of cutting tasks.

As a combat knife, the Apache Dawn really excels. With the harpoon-style tip and the thin swedge, the spine pushes the blade down as it enters its target, making a wider cut and providing good penetration. The black G10 handles with Rocky Mountain Tread and pronounced finger guard give a solid grip, especially when it’s most crucial.

No matter what the use, the Apache Dawn Rockies Edition is ready for duty.

Knife Type Fixed Blade
Overall Length 11.88″
Blade Length 6.75″
Cutting Edge 6.13″
Blade Thickness 0.250″
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Tumble Finish
Handle Material Black G10
Handle Style Rocky Mountain Tread
Knife Weight 15.5oz
Weight w/ Sheath 21.0oz
Sheath Included Yes
Sheath Material Olive Drab MIL-SPEC Nylon
Sheath Clip Molle Backing
Designer TOPS Team


Final words and thoughts on the Apache Dawn Knife. This knife is really not for everyone, if you hunt, fish, prepper, survivalist, and camp?  Then you will for sure enjoy having it with you.   Military people:  This knife gives you the distance when fighting, the prying, digging and surviving in all aspects of our career.  See TOPs designed their knives with the survivalist, tactical/military, and professional law enforcement people.  I found the Apache Dawn Knife superb choice for anyone in the career field I listed above.  So, swing over to TOPs and find the right knife for you.  Until next time…..

Click here for TOPs Knives

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