UR-Tactical I would say!

ambrose-1145Have you ever heard of UR-Tactical?  Well if you are reading this, then you are!  Check this article out!

Bang, Bang, Bang! Was the sound of the three different flash bangs going off as we rushed into the room.  Immediately making contact, several of us returned fire and still ended up right where we needed to be for our sections.  I stopped in my corner, scanning the area and then moving to the next entrance  preparing to do it all over again in the next room and next.  We knew this was going to be a hot target and from the looks of this first room, it was!  Feeling the squeeze on my arm letting me know the team behind me was ready, we entered.  No contact was made as we flowed smoothly into our sections again.  We could hear gun fire off in the distance knowing the other team was making contact.  I knew this last room we had to clear was a big room like a warehouse and lots of places to hide!  Crap, as the pucker factor sets in.


No need for flash bangs, to much open space.  Pushing the door open and riding the door back, I made contact just off to my right and and was heading to my section.  Running for cover, I was taking gun fire and dropped to my knee, sliding to cover and returning fire!ambrose-1215

Well, we need to stop there and save the rest for part 2.  One of the greatest thing doing what I do for the Military, is get to try new things.  See, UR-Tactical is a company I shop from for all my needs when it comes to gear!  Whether it is for personal or Military used UR-Tactical has what I need!  Plus who could beat their price!!!!!  I ordered their OPS GEN 2 Improved Direct Action shirt and their O.P.S Advanced Fast Response Pants and love how they use the insertable knee pads!  Because when I slid for cover, the knee pads where there and stayed in place.  When normally the knee pad you clip on the outside of the pants would have slid off!  Man! UR-Tactical is thinking a head of time.  I love that about them.

But let’s talk about the OPS GEN 2 Improved Direct Action shirt!  Not only does the shirt have elbow pads that are insertable, but it is comfortable and allows the air to flow through, keeping me cool.  I know I am talking bout how UR-Tactical sells awesome gear, let’s read what UR-Tactical has to say:


ste_1854-1-urOPS GEN 2 Improved Direct Action shirt
With new cutting and design, for better fit and comfort.

New cutting on sleeves and collar, pockets are re-organized .
Body area constructed with cotton jersey knit material, it’s in more comfort just like wearing T-shirt.

The under arm area of the Gen2 IDA-shirt which is in elastic material, provide a better fit for operator in extreme outdoor conditions.

Forearm 3″x 5″ low profile pocket with zipper on both side, provide extra storage, such as map, pictures, or some small gear.
Shaped elbows are reinforced with 500D CORDURA and accept molded / removable elbow pads (included).
Upper arm pockets with large Velcro Panels for patches and IDs.
High zip collar with quarter length zipper
cuff with velcro closure




ste_1013-1-urO.P.S Advanced Fast Response Pants

Low profile operator pants with removable kneepads.

6 pockets design, two each ,front, rear and cargo pocket.

Kneepad pockets reinforced by 500D Cordura.

Durable mil-spec stretch fabric applied on upper leg key area.
Flapped rear pocket with Velcro closure.

Reinforced seat.

Redesigned for more comfort and retain mobilities on field.
Constructed with official / mil-spec 50/50 NYCO rip-stop fabric

Okay, so you know what’s up now!  Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to spend you money then GETTING all the gear you want and need!  UR-Tactical will help with ALL your needs.  Swing by and Check out it all.  Oh! just be prepared for spending all day on their website because they have so much!  Until next time…………….

Click for UR-Tactical



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