SOG’s Pentagon to a Cop’s rescue

This one is for the books!  Read below

“There I was!”  LOL… no just kidding.  I received a call over the radio, to report to a traffic accident that happened just before the onramp.  I radioed in telling them I was on my way and turned on my lights and sirens.  I was only 2 miles away and arrived fairly quickly.  As I pulled up on the scene, I noticed a white SUV that had damage to its right rear tire and the back window was gone.  I put my car into park and ran towards the vehicle to see if anyone was hurt.  As I got to the front driver’s side window, I noticed no one was in the vehicle?

I radioed back to dispatch and asked them to send backup to help locate the driver when I noticed a tall male in a white t-shirt making his way over to where I was standing.  I yelled to him and asked if he was the driver.  He said that he was not but could give me information on what happened.  I started walking over to him and was pulling out my notebook out of my shirt pocket when all of a sudden, I watched him dip down and grabbed my waist.  I grabbed his neck and then I went down straight on my back as he proceeded to mount me in ground fighting.  I immediately placed my both my feet on the ground, which bent my knees up to keep him from sitting on top.  I was trying to reach for my weapon but was unsuccessful, because he had his hand on mine keeping me from grabbing it.

As we wrestled for what seemed like a lifetime and I am still on my back (which was not good) I needed to end this.  I started to shrimp my way out of the hold when I see the guys hand reach around his back.  I did not know what he was grabbing for and did not want to wait for it.  I took my right hand and headed for my boot.  Just as I see his hand come around his back I catch what appears to be a gun slide.  I pulled from my boot my SOG pentagon knife and ……..

Whoa! right! Well let’s say if it was not for my SOG things might have ended up differently.

Check out what SOG has to say:

Originally designed as back-up for law enforcement and military personnel, the Pentagon series is now popular with outdoor knife enthusiasts as well.

  • The Pentagon offers the instant choice between a serrated or beveled edge for cutting options.
  • Twin thumb notches enable accurate blade orientation and downward control.
  • The aggressively checkered, flared handles provide confident gripping as well as sensational feel and balance.
  • Tactical Nylon sheath.


Pentagon w/ Nylon Sheath Photo

Double-edged blade with a central spine. Excels in piercing tasks.
High grade stainless steel with excellent edge retention and rust resistance.

The SOG Pentagon is one great dagger. The double edge makes this knife incredibly versatile. It is an outstanding tactical knife, designed as a backup for anyone. The handle is Kraton and is nicely textured just enough to provide a strong grip whether it is wet or dry and with our without gloves.  I do recommend you pick up a Kydex holster for it.  The Nylon sheath may not fit right in your boot.

Swing over to SOG’s website and pick yourself up one of these guys.  Stay tuned for the SOG’s family of Pentagons

Click here for SOG


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