You are wanting an airsoft gun to use on the battlefield.  But you do not want the typical rifle that everyone uses.  Where do you go?  Who do you turn too?  Check this review out and you will know where to go!

Stepping as slow as I can, trying not to break the twigs underneath my feet as I walked through this thick forest.  My gun is up and ready for action as I swing it to the left and to the right looking for the enemies.  Slow, ready and steady to go.  Movement is what I catch to my left.  More sounds of someone coming this way.  There he is!  I dropped to one knee, waiting…… waiting…….. just a little closer.  Yes! now!  I lite him up.  He first jumped, then bobbed and weaved and then turned around and took off.  I leaped to my feet and took off firing at him the whole time!  Yes, accurate, fast and well balanced.

Sometimes you have to be on the bad side.  With this Echo 1 Red Star AK you can play war again when you were a kid.  Great gun, well made and just the right size.  My first impression of the rifle

was skeptical because most of the time when you want a great airsoft rifle it needs to be expensive.  For the price of the Echo 1 Red Star AK47 RIS  and the way, the rifle is made looks to be high quality.  One thing  I hate the most is when you buy an airsoft rifle and it fills cheap.  For us hardcore players we need something to last.  Below I have listed each section.  My suggestion with buying this airsoft rifle is to pick up another battery.  Because with a quick charger for the battery, we are able to get back into the fight quickly exchanging them as they charge.


This is a full Buttstock.  Being a solid-state buttstock allows you the feel of the rifle secure to your shoulder.  Makes for a stable rifle.




The 2 waffle styled magazines hold up to 600 Rd makes it a high-capacity magazine





It is a full metal style body in which the motor allows the BB to have the velocity of 380-390 fps (using .20g BBs).






A tactical rail interface system also allows easy mounting and installation of optional scopes and flashlights.  The front has attached  to it a foldable grip





Let’s check out what Pyramyd has to say about this awesome airsoft gun

The Echo 1 Red Star AK47 RIS is a high-powered electric assault rifle built for war. This heavy-duty beast packs a serious punch on the battlefield with its uncompromising semi/fully automatic shooting and unbelievable accuracy. The gun features a full metal body, a 600 Rd high-capacity magazine, and a shot velocity of 380-390 fps (using .20g BBs). A tactical rail interface system also allows easy mounting and installation of optional scopes and flashlights. Airsoft enthusiasts looking for a realistic, heavy-duty rifle that will dominate battlefield competition should check out this awesome gun. Own your enemies and order today! The Echo 1 Red Star AK47 RIS comes with an 9.6v NI-MH 1200 mah battery, foldable grip, 2 waffle styled magazines, and a 250 mah battery charger. Battery Charge Time: 5 hours

  • Features:
  • Velocity (Approx): 420 fps
  • Accuracy (Approx): 120 ft
  • Magazine Capacity: 600 Rounds
  • Scale: 1:1 Full Size
  • Condition: New In Box
  • Rate Of Fire (ROF): 1,500 (RPM)
  • Caliber: 6mm .20g And Higher
  • Hop Up: Yes (Adjustable)
  • Full Metal Body
  • Power: Large Battery Size
  • Back By ECHO 1 Warranty
  • Authorized Trademark
  • Metal Barrel and Internals
  • Working Charging handle
  • Full Size Stock
  • Upgraded And Better than JG
  • Metal Hi-Cap Magazine
  • Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
  • New Generation Full Metal Gearbox


Caliber 6mm
Max Velocity 390 fps
Loudness 3-Medium
Overall Length 34.5″
Shot Capacity 600
Barrel Smoothbore
Front Sight Adjustable for elevation
Rear Sight Flip-up, adjustable
Scopeable Weaver & 11mm dovetails
Suggested for Skirmishing
Action Semiautomatic/Full-auto
Safety Manual
Powerplant AEG
Function Repeater
Hop-Up Adjustable
Material Metal/ABS plastic
Body Type Rifle
Weight 7.85 lbs




Click here for Pyramyd Air


Echo 1 Red Star AK47 RIS Metal Body AEG

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