Spec Op’s Backpack

 When you are being deployed one of the first things that your unit gives you is what?  Yep a backpack.  I was called up to support Operation Enduring Freedom and after MPS, guess what?  I was issued a backpack.  Yes, we were issued all kinds of cool items that we would need in certain areas of operation.  But one of the most common pieces of equipment we would get was the backpack.

Now each time we were deployed, we would get different bran name backpacks, this time around we received the Spec-ops (coyote brown).  This backpack was well made, sturdy and had a main pocket that was big enough for a three day adventure! A 72 hour kit or a cool assault pack.  It is a very unique three pocket design which allows for quick access to all of your gear.  The interior of the pack is lined with high visibility yellow nylon and can be used for signaling in an emergency.  One of the coolest then about this backpack is it has a cool pocket for a water bladder.  Yep, just like a camelpack, kind of a duel purpose.  There is two extra pockets in the front with two compression straps to help with containing the items inside and make it as little as possible for travel.




With the integrated load loops on them allows you to attach anything you need.  Just wanted to tell you I do like this product and recommend it.  Go over to their website and see what they have for you! SPEC-OPS


Technical Information:

  • Made from super durable 1000D. Cordura® Nylon fabric (by far the toughest 1000D. nylon fabric on the market today).
  • Huge YKK #10 zippers on main compartment and large outer pockets.
  • Double Layer Pack Top eliminates stress failure associated with excessive use of carry/drag handle.
  • Dual Compression Straps with integrated load loops on pocket faces.
  • Removable 2″ waist belt with “Endless” adjustment – no flapping straps!
  • Dual External Access port covers.
  • Compatible with Spec-Ops® Brand X-SYSTEM and incorporates their MTX SHOULDER HARNESS SYSTEM
  • PACK DIMENSIONS: 19″ high, 13″ wide, 12″ thick at bottom tapering to 9″at top.
  • MAIN COMPARTMENT: 19″high x 13″wide x 7″thick @ 1730 cubic inches.
  • TOP POCKET: 8″ high x 10″ wide x 2.5″ thick @ 250 cubic inches.
  • BOTTOM POCKET: 10″ high x 12″ wide x 3.5″ thick @ 570 cubic inches

What a great piece of equipment!  I know some of you are not deployed, so you are spec-ops-3asking me how can you get such a great piece of equipment!  Spec-ops brand has everything you need!  What more can I say but head over to their website and order one today!!

 Click for —-> Spec-Ops





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