PICO-MVW Assaulters Plate Carrier from TYR Tactical

Ambrose-6065Okay, when you would like a plate carrier to be light weight and can not find one!  Well this review of TYR Tactical is for you!  READ and Share…

Slow and methodical I was doing as I creeped down this hallway.  M4 pointing in the same direction as I was looking.  Thinking the entire time I know they are here somewhere?  As we approached the door, I moved the muzzle to where the door was and my team behind me kept theirs pointing down the hall.   We came to a room in the hallway and the door was shut.  I placed my hand on the door handle to see if it was lock.  Nope it turned as if it was unlocked.  So keeping the tension on the springs on the door handle, I nodded my head up and down for the person behind me that I was ready to go into the room to clear it.  Knowing already that my team is spot on, I feel a squeeze on my leg.  I smiled because you know that feeling that everyone is frosty!

Pushing the door with my shoulder and riding it until it hits the wall behind it and thenAmbrose-6036 - Copy moving into my section of fire.  No contact was made and we all one at a t time yells, “clear.”  Moving slow towards the adjoining room we stack to make entry.  As we enter that room we finally made contact with whom we were searching for.  The only difference is we needed to take him alive!  That is sometimes harder then it looks, especially when they jump towards you without a weapon and you can not shoot them.  So I moved my weapon to the side, redirected his force coming towards me and took him to the ground.  Cuffed him up and picked him back up as the rest of the team made sure the room was clear.  We then extracted out of there fast.  All I can say is the plate carrier I was wearing from TYR Tactical felt like I was wearing nothing.  It allowed my arms free flowing movement and was light enough to carry on my body that I was not huffing and puffing.  Thanks TYR Tactical for thinking about the operator in the field when it comes to designing gear!

Ambrose-6054     Ambrose-6051

Can you believe that a carrier system like this TYR Tactical PICO-MVW Assaulters Plate Carrier exist!  Well it does.  Check out what TYR Tactical says about it:

The TYR Tactical® PICO-MVW Assaulters Plate Carrier (TYR-PICO-MVW) is a state-of-the-art body armor system that has a multi-platform modular design which allows the operator to change and adapt to mission sets with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. The PICO-MVW offers a wide range of operational configurations and allows the user to scale up or down depending on the environment, threat and load requirement.  It’s engineered utilizing our revolutionary PV®material which offers significant weight reduction with increased resistance to abrasion. PV® has been tested to have 7-10 times higher abrasion resistance than standard mil spec nylon. PV® also enhances the ballistic attributes of armor within the vest. Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh is used internally for comfort.

This plate carrier utilizes a five piece design called the Integrated Ballistic System that increases ballistic protection, decreases side spall and reduces back face deformation. Please note that hard plates are sold separately.

• Soft Armor “Wings” provide additional side protection
• Fits Ballistic Plates .25” – 1” Thick
• PALS Webbing for MOLLE Attachment
• Hydration/Communication Tabs for Routing
• Removable MOLLE Kangaroo Front Flap, Holds Three 5.56 Mags
• Front Wing Mag Adapters, Set
• Shoulder Pads
Ballistic Vein™ increases load carriage performance, provides a rigid platform, reduces fatigue, stabilizes and enhances soft armor inserts.
• Reinforced Drag Handle
• Comes Standard with PALS Adapter Sets:
(TYR-LW106A23F, TYR-LW112AS-4, TYR-LW106A23)
• Repair Buckle Kit
Compatible with the XFrame™ Dynamic Load Carriage™ System


Carrier Size Relates to the Size of the Plates:
PICO-MVW Size Small/Medium Fits
Small: 9.75″x12“ Plate Pocket
Medium: 10.5″x12.75” Plate Pocket
PICO-MVW Size Large/ XLarge Fits
Large: 11.25″x13.5“ Plate Pocket
XLarge: 11.75″x14.65” Plate Pocket
Fits Operator Cut or Swimmer Cut Plates

Awesome right!  When you are out in the field, the last thing you need to be thinking about is all the gear you have to carry and how it restricts you from performing your job.  But with this TYR Tactical PICO-MVW Assaulters Plate Carrier you do not have to think about it at all!  Swing over to TYR Tactical and get pick up one today!  Until next time…….


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