5.11 Tactical Watch (The Sentinel)


One of the best watch reviews I have read!  This is a must see.

“BANG” was the deafening sound I hear as the breacher blows the door off the hinges.  The number one man enters the room, raises his weapon and points the muzzle downrange covering his sections.  Next, I enter the room, no less than a foot step behind the number one man.  Following his same motion, I pointed my muzzle downrange and sweeping my sections and driving hard left.  Looking left I could see a small piece of a white shirt clear the corner and moved out of ballistic-breaching-2sight.  I yelled, “contact” and made my way to where I saw the shirt.  At this point, the other members of the team has already breached the doorway and entered the house.  One member heard my call and headed over to where I was located to back me up.  I was side stepping the corner, what is known as “pie” in order to make sure it was safe for me to go.  After clearing the corner and looking in the room, I could see an open sliding glass door.  Just then someone appeared from around the corner and I could see a man pointing a gun in my direction.  I quickly slammed myself into the wall and roll my body around the corner.  Just then I feel my watch catching the corner almost ripping off my wrist as I tried to get out of the way of the gun.  Just then, shots were fired in my direction.  The rounds barely missed me as I could see parts of the drywall flying off into the air.

IMG_9812After hearing at least three shots coming from around the corner, I hear, “click, click.” Ah, the sound of an empty gun.  I pie the corner again and see the guy fumbling with his weapon as I yell in his direction to drop the weapon.  The man throws down the handgun and runs towards the sliding door.  I made my way to him as fast as I could go.  By the time the man was tripping over the bed and fumbling out the sliding glass door, I was nearly on top of him.  The man turned slightly to his left to see where I was; only to be surprised by my flying body grabbing him as we both entered the pool.  Splash, was the sound of the water made as we both fell into the pool.

We both came up for air and I reached for his shirt so he could not get away.  I pulled on his shirt, pulling him back towards me as I caught out of the corner of my eye, one of the team members standing on the edge of the pool looking at me shaking his head.  Looking up towards him, I smiled and said, “What?”


Man! What a rough life I lead!  Good thing I buy nothing but the best in equipment for myself.  You never know what kind of a beating I will be given myself each day.  Take for instance, my watch?  It is called the “SENTINEL WATCH,” made from 511 Tactical.  You know the brand name “511 Tactical” so you know it will hold up to the worst situation anyone can put it through.  Just like as I hit the wall with the watch.  The Scratch/chip resistant mineral glass crystal face kept it from scratching.  The watch band made from 24mm silicon strap with heavy duty buckle also kept it from breaking.  Not to mention the water situation?  HAHA, all I can say is the watch can and will hold up to it all.

Well listen to what 511 Tactical has to say about the Sentinel watch:

Equally at home in the boardroom or on a battlefield, the 5.11® Sentinel Watch combines reliable Swiss movement with modern engineering to produce an elegant and highly functional timepiece that stands up to the toughest environments. A scratch and chip resistant mineral glass face is treated with an anti-reflective coating to minimize glint, phosphorescent hour and minute hands enable low light operation, and a heavy duty silicon strap and buckle ensure lasting durability and secure closure. Along with offering an integrated compass the stainless steel case is water resistant to 100 meters, and a ratcheting dive bezel supports SCUBA use.



                          OVERVIEW:  511-50133det4_1

  • Highly functional tactical dress watch
  • Phosphorescent hour and minute hands
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Water resistant to 100 meters
  • Unidirectional ratcheting dive bezel
  • 12/24 hour dial
  • 11 Tactical Watch Service and Repair



  • Swiss three hand movement
  • Scratch/chip resistant mineral glass crystal face
  • 316L stainless steel case
  • 24mm silicon strap with heavy duty buckle
  • Case back ideal for engraving by 5.11 custom shop

WOW! Right!  511 Tactical has a kick butt watch for the active person.  I believe what they say, “equally at home in the boardroom or on a battlefield” it rocks.  I suggest you swing by 511 Tactical and order one today!  You will not be disappointed.  Until next time

                             Click for 511 Tactical


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