Training for the Glock Pistol

glock-training-7Let us talk about safety first!

Most important safety on all weapons is your finger.  Keep it alongside the frame and completely out of the trigger guard until ready to fire.

  • Finger off the trigger
  • Point weapon in a safe direction
  • Remove the magazine
  • Lock the slide to the rear
  • Check magazine well and chamber twice to insure it’s empty
    • Physically and visually


Nomenclature:glock training-1

  • 17-Receiver
  • 18-Magazine Catch Spring
  • 19-Magazine Catch
  • 20-Slide Lock Spring
  • 21-Slide Lock
  • 22-Locking Block
  • 23-Trigger Mechanism Housing with ejector
  • 24-Connector
  • 25-Trigger Spring
  • 26-Trigger with trigger bar
  • 27-Slide Stop lever
  • 28-Trigger Pin
  • 29-Trigger Housing Pin



  • 1- Slide                 8- Spring Cups                                                   14-Spring Bearing
  • 2- Barrel 9- Firing Pin Safety                                           15-Slide Cover Plate
  • 3 & 4- Recoil Spring 10-Firing Pin Safety Spring                            16-Rear Sight
  • 5 Firing Pin 11-Extractor                                                       16a-Front Sight
  • 6- Spacer Sleeve 12-Extractor Depressor Plunger                 35-Channel Liner
  • 7-Firing Pin Spring 13-Plunger Spring



  • 30- Followerglock-training-3
  • 31- Magazine Spring
  • 32- Magazine Floor Plate
  • 32a- Magazine insert
  • 33- Magazine Tube


What are some of the Glock’s safety features are:


Trigger Safety – Prevents trigger from moving to the rear if dropped

Disconnector – Weapon must be in battery

  • 1/4 inch disconnect



Firing Pin Safety – Blocks firing pin unless trigger is fully depressed




Drop Safety – Prevents cruciform from dropping unless trigger is depressed




Trigger Pull:

  • Distance and weight
    • .500 inch
    • 5 lbs
  • Position trigger finger close to the first joint
  • Pull directly to the rear until gun discharges
  • Release the trigger
    • Until it does not travel forward
    • This resets the drawbar/trigger bar
    • Repeat as necessary
      • When finished, either holster or maintain cover position




  • Lubricate both rail cuts on the slide
    • One(1) drop ONLY – wipe excess away
  • Lubricate inside of slide at the top bearing surfaces
    • Wipe away the excess
  • Lubricate the barrel
    • One(1) drop ONLY – wipe away the excess
  • Lubricate where the connector and trigger bar meet
    • One(1) drop ONLY – wipe away the excess
    • NOTE: Excess oil only serves as a magnet for dirt, dust, and lint which could affect the functioning of the weapon

One thing is for sure, enjoy the weapon you have and take care of it.


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