Intro to Pepperball part 1

Do you not want to carry a gun?  Are you looking for alternatives!  For years the PepperBall system has only been used by Law Enforcement and/or the US Military.  Time has changed!  This is your chance to get one of the best home defense that money can get you.  And LifeLite has it!

LifeLite™ has built a new signature PepperBall® launcher! This sleek design is designed to be carried around during the day or stashed away in a dresser drawer, purse, backpack or in your car.  It has a powerful LED flashlight on it to blind your attacker.

This PepperBall launcher features a safety tab that when deactivated, triggers a laser for scaring the would-be attackers or acquiring any targets. A simple push of the exposed trigger expels the pepperball projectiles out, with the speed of 270 feet per second. This launcher is powered by a single CO2 cartridge.  The launcher max effective range is about 60 feet.  It shoots harder than a paintball.  It can hold up to five projectiles that can be shot in rapid succession without cocking the device!

Did you know that each PepperBall projectiles are filled with a proprietary irritant that burst upon impact, producing a strong kinetic impact and leaving a debilitating cloud that affects the eyes, nose and respiratory system.

LifeLite™ is the first non-lethal personal defense unit of its kind,” said Ron Johnson, CEO of United Tactical Systems. “We wanted to create something that was less intimidating than your traditional personal defense mechanisms, but just as effective. And that’s what we did: We designed a unit that’s powerful, user-friendly and, most importantly, safe for everyday consumers. Basically, the device combines the chemistry of pepper spray with the precision of a high-powered pneumatic device… and the result is highly effective.

Once you get this launcher to use, you will find it extremely accurate and easy to use. Whether on an evening walk with your kids, or running errands to the store.  You can have confidence in their ability to protect their family.

LifeLite sells the launcher as a complete kit which includes (1) LifeLite™ launcher, (3) 12-gram CO2 cartridges, (10) inert practice rounds and (5) live Self Defense PepperBall® rounds.

Now let’s talk about how it works? You start by loading the tube with the standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges in the front with a heavy-threaded screw.  Once you screw the CO2 into place, You will want to fill the tube in back with as many projectiles as it can hold.  Purple = test rounds.

Loading LifeLite Projectiles

There’s an internal battery that can be a normal battery or you can use the rechargeable ones.  The flashlight is activated by a push-button so it’s usable when you’re out walking or need it in a hurry.  While the laser on the other hand only comes on when you slide open the “trigger” button.


LifeLite™ is putting protection back into the hands of everyday people. Through its unique, user-friendly design, LifeLite transforms personal security with an empowering solution that anyone can use.

A powerful PepperBall® launcher is cleverly concealed inside a flashlight making it less intimidating to handle and natural to openly carry. It can be easily taken with you on walks, packed in your bag or kept in your car, so it is always near if ever needed.

PepperBall® projectiles can be accurately fired at distances of 60 ft. and contain a powerful pepper irritant that will immediately incapacitates an attacker and diffuse a threat.



Here’s the extended diagram of all the stuff.

LifeLite Diagram

Stand-by for part 2!

Click here to view the PepperBall Launcher!


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