There can be only one! Highlander

2Do you fit in with your, “Up-dated camo?”  If you are still wearing woodland then you need to read and buy!

Out on patrol and we are nearing an old abandon rock house.  Lt, motions over to me and gives me the signal to clear the house.  I give him the “okay” sign and headed over to the door with three other buddies.  As I stood there stacked at the hinges, I looked down at my camo I was wearing and you know what!  I not only blended in with the brush but also with the rock house.  I was thinking, NICE.  Yup, these new tactical patterns from Kryptek are working out nice.  They are the most up-to-date camo you can find on the market.   The shirt is made durable material and allows airflow so that way with me carrying all the gear, I will not die to bad with sweat.  The pants had built-in knee pads because if you have ever been in the poisition I am in.  You would know that knee pads slide up and down when you need them the most.  But better yet! It cuts the blood flow behind the knee, Yup sucks!  What get upgrades!

Back to the action!  I entered the old rock house, not finding anyone in site.  I moved on out the back to meet up with my guys.  Just another typical day.  Bad intel, but great uniform, lol…


Manufacturer part number: 15 TACLSH
Featuring a unique dual fabric construction, the Tactical I Shirt consists of a poly/cotton knit body section that offers an agile and flexible base with moisture wicking and quick drying properties, along with ultra-durable poly/cotton ripstop sleeve sections that can withstand the harshest environments. Fit allows for base layer and works as part of a layering system. Clean efficient design and meticulous craftsmanship ensure long term performance.
Manufacturer part number: 15TACBH3632
Poly/cotton ripstop fabric for lasting comfort and enhanced durability that stands up to harsh operational environments. Spacious fit allows for seasonal layering. Articulation in the knees and seat provide unrestricted motion. Reinforcements over high stress areas offer protection and long term durability and performance.
Dang right!  Why not head over to Kryptek website and put up a couple of pairs to show your stuff on the range, during range day.  Until next time

Click here for Kryptek

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