The Name is “Lucid”

dsc_0008Okay, so how many times do we need to go over this!  The best spotting scope you can buy is…..  Read Below!

As I overlooked the valley facing south, the sun was beginning to rise out of the east.  The wind was blowing slightly out of the west which meant our scent was blowing away from the target area.  As the sun continued to peal over the mountains and shed light on the shadowed valley below, my hunting partner Bobby was on his rifle, while I manned the Lucid SC9 9-27×56 spotting scope.  This is the second article I’ve written detailing the crisp clean view the Lucid spotting scope dsc_0001-2provides.  As we settled into position, there they were, three bucks cresting the hill in valley below.  I ranged the largest one and called it out to my partner.  “287 yards.”  He made the necessary calculations in his head and called ready.  As I watched the buck through the spotting glass, he appeared to not have a care in the world.  The wind had died down at this point allowing for a center hold.  I called it out, “hold center.”  I could sense Bobby had been overcome with at least a mild case of “buck fever” as he tried to steady his breathing and focus on his trigger squeeze; this was in fact, the first time he had attempted to shoot a deer.  As I watched through the spotting scope with the target adjusted slightly out of focus, I could see the vapor trail as the round made its way to the target.  The round impacted on the right front shoulder causing the animal to buck on its hind legs and fall to the ground.  “Hit” I exclaimed as Bobby jumped from his seat and began collecting his gear to make the trip into the valley.  I continued to watch the animal through the Lucid scope which provided a crisp clean view as the animal faded away taking its last breaths.

In my first article, I documented the tactical applications of this spotting scope for the operators.  This time around, I want to review the hunting applications for civilian use.  This scope is perfect for the hunters that like to hunt the back country.  I can’t stand jumping on a four-wheeler and riding up and down dirt roads until I see something.  Maybe some hunters enjoy that; but for me, I prefer getting off the roads and exploring where people haven’t been.  Because of this, weight and size are top considerations for me when packing my hunting bag.  The Lucid fills this role perfectly.  It offers the magnification I require along with crystal clear glass that comes packaged in a small, rugged aluminum waterproof housing.


I’m looking forward to taking the Lucid SC9 on my bighorn sheep hunt next month.  It’s a five-mile hike in at 12,000 feet into the wilderness of New Mexico where ATVs and off-road vehicles are prohibited.  Everything I need for the four or five day trip needs to fit inside my pack.  Space and weight are at a premium, but the Lucid will be in there to ensure a clear view across mountain ridges.

dsc_0011-2For a detailed description of the construction and feel of the Lucid, read my first article here,

Unbelievable!  Check out what Lucid has to say:

While at the range last year we were playing around with some of our spotting scopes. As usual disappointed with the sizes, features and benefits in contrast to the cost of these often near behemoth range optics – we wanted the performance of the larger glass with the packable size of the typical novelty items. It was here, on the range, over the smell of gun powder, that the concept of the new LUCID OPTICS SC9 Compact Spotting Scope was born.

After carefully reviewing a long list of optical desires, we developed the optical system with ED glass and fully multi-coated lenses. This enabled us to provide all of the expected color, contrast and edge to edge clarity that a LUCID OPTICS customer has grown accustomed to. Then we balanced the optics performance with an oversized eye piece and a 56mm Objective lens, giving the new SC9 such a tiny foot print that this optic can be taken most anywhere with ease.

With a close focus of 10 feet out to infinity, this tiny yet powerful spotting scope delivers such an exceptional view from the 9x all the way through the surprisingly powerful 27x that we often forget that the optic is so small. Give this item a look, for the price, you may just fall in love.

Visit for more information.

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