Are you color cooranated? 45 Tactical

dsc_0230-2When you are out on the range, do you feel that you need to dress the same and match your clothing? Or do you feel the need to have that one great holster? or both?  Check out this review on 45 Tactical design holster.

Standing there facing what I know to be, “downrange” with a sweat beads running down the right side of my cheek.  My hands are out front with the palms facing forward.  All I can think about are the targets I need to hit in front of me.  I hear the sound of a mans voice saying, “stand by!”  That is the time I focus the most.  BEEP, I hear that sound and it is my Que to go.  My right hand quickly reaches for the one position and then gripping the handle of my Glock, I follow the steps 2 through 5 and fire my weapon and the first target.  I then holster the weapon and run to the second target, which is to my right.  I quickly drop drop to onedsc_0232-2 knee and draw my weapon again.  “Holster your weapon,” I hear the guy yell as he calls out my time.  This is what I did all day long to where my holster was taking a beating.   I bought this holster from a company name, “45 Tactical designs” and let me tell you.  Normal circumstances, a kydex holster would not take the beating as this one did.


See, I come from the Special Warfare community and will only look at top quality holster that I know will last!  45 Tactical design took my challenge and came out on top.  They only start building your holsters once you pick the design, color and style.  Then Bam!  Your holster is done and ready for your toughest beating!  Check out what 45 Tactical has to say about what they can do for you:


All 45 Tactical Designs holsters are custom formed. We make each holster our best one yet. We want this to be the last holster you’ll ever need to buy!Availability
Please allow 2 to 3 days on Holsters (not including shipping). If longer will call to advise. Will notify once holster ships.Our Guarantee
All 45 Tactical Designs products are covered by a lifetime warranty. If you are unhappy with the quality or fit of the holster, contact us and we will take care of you right away.Due to the extremely tight fit Kydex™ holsters obtain during the molding process, we need to know if your firearm has any accessories (i.e. lasers/lights, etc.) or aftermarket changes to make sure the holster will fit properly. Please confirm all the options you want for your holster or magazine carrier are selected prior to placing your order. We will not be able to make changes once the molding process starts


All 45 Tactical Designs holsters are made by hand in the U.S.A. We use .080” Kydex™ and steel hardware for durability. All of our belt loops and hardware are made in the U.S.A., and secured in place with Loctite threadlocker. Each holster is custom formed to your specific firearm model. The holsters are all formed, cut, shaped and sanded by hand. We have a 4 step sanding process, which will guarantee a glass smooth finish on all edges. Before any holster leaves the shop, it is inspected for fit, shape and comfort of wear. Our goal is to provide you a good looking, yet practical piece of equipment that you will be proud to wear.

Is 45 Tactical Designs a family?

45 Tactical Designs is owned and operated by the Herrera family: Bryant, his wife, Kat, and daughter, Maya. Bryant started out making the holsters by himself but Maya showed an interest in helping so, now, she and Bryant make them together! Kat handles the day-to-day operations, such as keeping the books, taking the product pictures, social media and all the other behind-the-scenes stuff. But the magic happens in the shop where Bryant and Maya thrive in creating practical, durable, and comfortable gear.

Why do we make what we make? Bryant has enjoyed shooting and hunting since he was a teenager. He had all kinds of gear but could never find anything that fit him comfortably. So, for years, he lived with it. In about 2012, he started training with a group of guys who dabbled in making their own holsters and gear. Bryant took a look at the materials and after tinkering around with them for a while, realized he could totally make the gear himself. After his gear started getting noticed by other shooters on the range, and people in the classes he attended asked him where they could buy a holster like his, he and his family decided maybe they could make it into a business. And thus… 45 Tactical Designs was officially born. Why 45, you ask? It’s Bryant’s round of choice, of course!

Since making holsters and gear just isn’t enough… Bryant decided to try his hand at blacksmithing… and found out that he has a natural skill for it! After a few years of honing his skill, he finally decided to start selling his own blades. So now we have 45 TD and Black Wolf Forge and we hope you will join us on this crazy ride and enjoy the awesome gear we make!

What a company, and family right!  I got the Holster & Mag Typhoon to match my Krypton gear.  Yes 45 Tactical Designs can do that for you!  Why not go check out all what they can do for you, like what I did.  Until next time!

Click for 45 Tactical Designs



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