G17/22 Competition set part 1

UNBELIEVABLE holster!  Need to read it and share it!  Check it out-

Today is one of the most important day that I have been training for.  I needed to make sure I was not only mentally prepared, but physically too.  I hear the call over the radio, “weapons check.”  I look down checking my M4 and then I take my right hand and grab my Glock that is in this new paddle holster I got from “Solely Canadianfor my Glock.  This paddle holster is top of the line and made with top quality material too.  Just then I hear, “one minute,” over the radio as we prepare for this mission.

The helicopter we are in, is now descending fast enough that it is making my stomach funny.  No matter how many times I do this, I do not think my stomach will get use to it.   I see CWO Duerler kick the rope out the door and fast roped out the door on the rope, then Ojeda, Herrmann and then I reached for the rope with my thick gloves and slid down the rope.  “BAM” my feet hit the deck of the ship and I head for a opening and dropped to a knee placing the M4 at the ready.  Helicopter turns away and the noise level is back to normal as I head to my spot to control.  Making my way to my area and running through small ship door frames and  hallways with my gear hitting against everything.  Thinking to myself that my sidearm was not going to be there any more when all of the sudden I see a hostile right in front of me, yelling to my team mate, “contact!” raising my M4 up as I screamed inside when I heard a, “click.”  Malfunction!  I immediately lowed my M4 and grabbed for my secondary hoping it was still there after all the banging around.  I did feel the wonderful sensation of the pistol grip as I easily pulled it out of the holster and…

We really must leave it there!  But remember when I was talking about my holster taking abuse?  Well all I can say about Solely Canadian paddle holster is that it can withstand the horrors of VBSS!

I found the paddle holster to be well built (solid) and molded to fit my Glock perfectly.  Believe it or not, when you feel the smooth slide the pistol in and out of the holster not only can you feel the click of the pistol locking itself into place.  The ahh feeling you know it is staying there.

If you look on the opposite side of the holster where the paddle is connected, you can tell the well constructed materials and screws holding it into place. Solely Canadian puts a lot of love in their holsters showing they care.



But enough about the holster, let see what Solely Canadian has to say:


Who We Are!

Solely Canadian is family run business. Tim is the brain of the team and can be found in the shop creating. Roxanne can be found in the office doing all the administration work. Together they work on quality control and packaging.

Our mission is to serve and provide quality products to our fellow Canadians.

At Solely Canadian, we are focused on providing flawless services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Our Products

Our kydex gear is water, scratch & sweat proof; nor does it crack, break, chip or snap.

Your gear will fit the same every time.  Whether it is your first draw or your 1000th draw.  This means that there are few; if any, adjustments needed to start carrying your holster and firearm.

With a variety of options to choose from, we are sure you will be happy working with us. Look around our website


WOW right!  In this part one article we talk about who Solely Canadian really is.  But you need to stand-by to see what happens in our part two using Solely Canadian  G17/22 Competition set in highlander w/paddle.  I think you need to swing over to their website today and get one ordered!  Part 2 Stand-by!

Click for Solely Canadian


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