AR perfect for NSW, thanks to Unique AR

This is one of the best gifts I can give to my friend!  Thanks to Unique AR’s!  Check it out below

As you can see, when you become creative and want to do something special for someone special, who do you turn too?  Well you turn to someone who can make your idea real.  So that is what I did!  I reached out to my good friends at Unique AR’s.  Not only did they help me build my first cool rifle, but they had some great ideas for my next rifle. (see first article below).
I have this buddy who was with Naval Special Warfare and dedicated his life to do what most people cannot. and for that I built him my 2nd rifle.

I took the advice from Unique AR and made my handguard only 10 1/2 inches this time.  I wanted the rifle smaller than normal so I could add the suppressor at the end.  Making the total length of the barrel is 14 inches.  Yes, all of this bundle of joy is legal.

Now, I wanted the American flag on it.  I thought if the flag was in color it would be to much.  So I kept it simple.  Now, what would NSW be without the trident or frog?  I had Unique AR make the handguard with the King Trident on the top and bottom. Plus I wanted the top of the fork almost touching.  The reason why is because, I wanted to to have this effort of wrapping around the suppressor and holding on to it!  Then I had then put the bone frog in the middle of the flag so it is noticeable.  Then lastly I had his unit placed at the bottom so it made it more personable.    Check it out!

Now, isn’t that cool!  Do you know who Unique AR is?  Check out who they are:

Who We Are

As a family owned company, we have a passion for the unique and artistic side of machining. Our dedication to perfection drives us to produce quality products that anyone would be proud to own. As outdoorsmen, we crave all types recreational opportunities which the location of our global headquarters in McCall, Idaho affords us.  We believe that a fulfilling life consists of balancing work and play, form and function and our handguards are a direct reflection of this philosophy.

Our Story

Unique-ARs, like many great companies, started in a garage. It was born out of a passion for customizing gear by the founder, Jim Corbet. During the great recession Jim was presented with the opportunity to pursue his passion of customizing everything he owns by building his own CNC equipment in his garage. He immediately put those tools to work designing and customizing the gear he loves to use. This of course, led to firearms. With help and suggestions of friends and family he took the idea of custom firearms to a whole new level, transforming a basic rifle to a truly unique work of art. Through creative thinking Jim found that he could produce a rifle that would become a beloved family heirloom. Once the rifles started getting great feedback on social media, it was obvious that there was a business to be built. Jim had two family members come on as partners to help bring the ideas out of the garage and into a full fledged company.  They purchased some industrial CNC equipment and started working out all the details for production. When the orders started coming faster and faster a team was needed to keep everything running smoothly. It is now a complete team effort at Unique-ARs to bring continued innovation and an ever-expanding product line to the industry.   Unique-ARs’ future is bright. Exciting innovations such as the fully customizable Unique-Grip, are added to the pipeline regularly. The immediate future sees our team of outstanding designers, machinists, painters and customer care specialists expanding the company to encompass not only customized firearms but a variety of outdoor gear as well. Because we are based in the mountains of Idaho our team lives the outdoor life and passionately brings innovation to the equipment we all use on a daily basis. Stay tuned to see what comes next from the Unique-Family.


I suggest you go to Unique AR and tell them we sent you and get your handguard now.  Until next time………..

past article on Unique AR


Click here for Unique AR


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