Have you used the ATLAS?

U.S. Tactical Supply IncLet’s talk about of of the best bi-pods you can have for your AR!  Who has it?  U.S. Tactical Supply Inc.  You need this REVIEW!

Running for cover! I can hear the cracking noise coming from over my head as the rounds fired at me hit the wall behind me.  Dirt flying into my eyes from falling down from where the bullets were hitting, as I was picking my self up from jumping on to the ground.  Everyone else looked and me to see if I was hit or not.  Nope, no holes in me yet!  As I looked around to get my bearing, Chief Huntsman said to me, “Guns!  He is in the second story window blue corner 3.”  That was my que to take him out.  I scanned the area behind me but noticed a good blind spot just off to my left.  I pointed to Chief in the direction I needed to go and he nodes his head letting me know he understood.  Chief Huntsman held up three (3) fingers with a second in between as he dropped one at a time.  As soon as he hit zero, I took off for that blind stop as the rest of the team laid down cover fire.  Diving hard behind the cover I made it.  Looking back at Chief nods his in agreement.

Keeping my eye on the target, I press the button in on each side of the ATLAS BT10-LW17 I got from US Tactical Supply company.  Each leg was very smooth as I position US Tacticaleach leg to the mark I needed to level my MK11.  Just then another body comes flying over me and hearing a “Thud” hitting the ground to my left side.  I looked over to see who it was and saw it was Thomas.  He had a huge smile on his face, which indicated to me he was wanting to help!  Thomas position himself right next to me as if he was inside my clothes take the spots as my spotter.  The ATLAS bi-pod was holding my MK11 steady as it has always done and now I start calculating.


It was 1530hrs, the wind was at half value towards 11 o’clock and the sun was position low and angled just in front of me.  It felt like the sun has been beating down on me all day and it was only 102 degrees today in the shade.  Sweat beads were pouring down BT10-LW17_MED_01from my forehead as I tried to focus through my scope.   Still breathing slow and steady, I waited for Thomas to verify my range to target.  Thomas verified the same range to target, as I had it dialed in on my scope.  He let me know I had a, “green light” to shoot; I made one more small adjustment with my head by adjusting my cheek on this cheek rest making sure I had a clear picture view in my scope, “steady,” I was thinking to myself as I kept my crosshairs on target downrange.  I was waiting for the right opportunity to arise in my breathing to take the shot.  I ready myself by placing my right index finger on the trigger, slowly depressing it to the rear. I calmly took in a breath of air and slowly released it.  About midway through my breath, I held it ever so slightly, depressing the trigger slowly to the rear waiting for the surprise bang to go off, when all of the sudden “BANG” feeling the rifles recoil forcing the buttstock back and into my shoulder as the round leaves the muzzle.  I kept the rifle as tight as I could, making sure I followed through with the last shooting fundamental, getting back on target as quickly as I can and finishing exhaling my breath.  “Direct hit,” Thomas whispers to me.



Now that was very exciting huh!  This ATLAS BT10-LW17 works for me every time, whether it was thrown in the mud, great piece of equipment.  US Tactical Supply knows what to sell don’t they.  Only the top quality for us!  Here is what they say about this ATLAS BT10-LW17:

The Atlas Bipod project has been a long journey, from conception of what http://ustacticalsupply.com/accu-shotbt10-atlasbipodcomingfall2008.aspxa bipod should be to a brief and frank discussion with Mr. Harris at SHOT, where he expressed no interest in adding my concepts to the Harris product line to what we see today as the Atlas bipod.  The Atlas has been tested by professionals and civilians alike, tested in the sands of Iraq and found to not foul, tested in a Red Bull induced shooting session and survived.  The new V8 Atlas is ready for you.

The NEW V8 has the following features:

  • Construction from T6061 Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodized black

  • Stainless steel springs and fasteners

  • UHMW components used for smooth tracking

  • 15 degrees +/- of preloaded Pan

  • 15 degrees +/- of preloaded Cant

  • Preload on Pan and Cant can be tightened by means of the knurled knob

  • Picitinny Rail Mount interface by either standard machine screw fastener based clamp or optional ARMS 17S lever mount (offered with the ADM Throw Lever on the BT10-LW17 but any lever mount with that same hole spacing will work on the BT10-NC).

  • Leg positioning is possible by using either hand to move the legs into any of the five leg positions; legs stowed back, 45 degree back, 90 degrees straight down, 45 degrees forward and stowed forward.

  • All 5 leg positions are maintained by push button heat treated stainless steel components allowing the shooter to load the bipod at any of the three deployed positions.

  • Non orientated leg length adjustment, Outer leg slides on the Inner leg locating on any of five positions ¾” apart and can be done by either hand.

  • Optional 3″ leg extensions to increase height available.

  • Standard soft durable Rubber feet that are suitable for many surfaces.

  • Optional interchangeable Ski and Cleat style feet can be swapped in the field with the press of a ball plunger with a bullet tip.

  • Optional mounting systems available for Accuracy International and soon to be released Sako TRG rifles.

  • Estimated range of elevation on the BT10 is 5-9″ from the surface up to the rail.

  • Estimated weight of 10.6 ounces for the clamp on style

  • Proudly Made in America

Okay, now that you know how it works! and what US Tactical Supply does for the troops then we need to go support them!  Head over US Tactical Supply and see what they have for you!  Until next time……………..

                      Click for US Tactical Supply





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