Sniper of the week – Vasily Zaytsev

Sniper of the week – Vasily Zaytsev
This weeks Sniper is one heck of one Bad Ass Sniper!

Lieutenant Vasily Zaitsev

Full name: Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev

Born: March 23, 1915, Yeleninka, Russia
Died: December 15, 1991, Kiev, Ukraine
Unit: 1047th Rifle Regiment of the 284th “Tomsk” Rifle Division

Did you know that between November 10 through December 17, 1942, during the Battle of Stalingrad, he killed 225 soldiers including 11 enemy snipers!

But from October 1942 and January 1943, Zaytsev made an estimated 400 kills, some at distances of more than 1,000 meters.

Russian Leader saw the value in his work as a sniper when his body count reached triple digits that they decided that he should go to work training more snipers.  Hollywood would make a movie out of his life and name it “Enemy at the gates.”  Plus Simo_hayha_honorary_rifleduring the war, Zaitsev was shot in the jaw taking out the left side of his face.  But he was so strong that he went back into the field and continued his deadly assault.

Zaitsev is known as the most deadly Sniper in World history!  Please see attached video

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